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New Newspaper & Other Stuff

The new newspaper came out today.

There’s gonna be a party for the completion of the Migrator. It’s on April 25th.

The first player-written artile came out today too. It’s not the best article ever, I bet some people would have done a better job.

There’s also another one of those personal ads. I don’t really know what they’re advertising though. Here’s mine:

Also, someone has messed up the clocks in Club Penguin. I have a shrewd idea it was Herbert.

The clock tower’s target is missing, & it’s gone crazy. Here are a few pictures.

Rockhopper is also in the telescope. It looks like he got a new speed boat engine. The flares must have attracted him.

There’s also gonna be a garden option available for your igloo tomorrow. The newspaper has an article about it.

Billybob also posted a sneak peek of it yesterday on the official blog.

But thanks to some guys on the Miniclip forums, I got my hands on the actual catalogs! Here are some pictures.

This is the front cover of the furniture catalog.

Plants are back.

There are some cool new garden furniture too.

There’s also a new CCTV camera!

This is the cover of the igloo catalog.

There’s some new fake grass flooring.

There’s a new type of igloo too. I’d say you’d need to buy the fake grass first to get the lawn.

If you want to see them for yourself, just follow these links:

Furniture Catalog
Igloo Catalog

There’s also one last sneak peek Billybob posted yesterday. It’s a sketch of the new mission. You’re looking at Club Penguin from the Ice Berg. But you’re facing the Lighthouse, which is on the other side of the island. 😕

In other news: I was on my friends account on Poptropica today. We went to the bad future & discovered something weird: it has turned orange! If you look at the post below, you’ll notice it was green. 😕

Tip: Does a picture on my blog look too small? Try clicking it.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated. 😉

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