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New Catalogs

The new catalogs came out today!

I’ve already posted all the new items in them on yesterday’s post, so I’m only posting pictures of the front covers today.

The new igloo is pretty cool. Fake grass comes with it, & you’re able to add flooring to the inside part. My new igloo is pretty bad, so here’s one of my friend’s instead. (All credit goes to Gobb for the amazing igloo.)

Oh, before I forget, the Big Screen TV is back. Click the LCD TV to bring it up. But it’s even dearer than the new igloo! 🙄

There are also some glitches, but CP will probably fix them soon.

There’s a new music list too. They have Ocean Voyage on it twice, once as Water Jig at the top, the other as Ocean Voyage at the bottom.

There’s a new message on the HQ Notice Board too.

There are two new postcards as well. There’s a new one for the Coffee Shop, except it’s for tea instead of coffee, & there’s one for the Stage now.

Also, sorry I’m a bit late, I was trying to get coins for the new igloo & stuff. This is my new high score for Puffle Roundup. 😛

4269 beats my old record by over double!

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated. 😉

April 18, 2008 at 3:46 pm 21 comments

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