Fancy Pants Adventures Review – Part 1

December 24, 2008 at 3:57 pm 14 comments

Guest Post By Jamie

Hey! Legoless added me to this blog in return for something (no, it wasn’t some Lego) and because I’m a good friend of his, and he asked me to post a review. Hope y’all enjoy it.

And, to make a change from the usual PS2 and Wii reviews and the usual faces of Legoless, Guinea and Woof, it’s all fresh today. Today’s review is on a game that’s been out for a few years now, and has gained a total of 8,614,023 plays over it’s two ‘Worlds ‘ alone. Yep, it’s the Fancy Pants Adventures! As normal in a review, I’ll post Graphics, Game play, Content, etc. ratings in the post at the end.

World 1 – Original

Fancy Pants Adventures

In the original Fancy Pants Adventures, there were only 3 levels, cleverly named ‘Level 1’, ‘Level 2’, and ‘Level 3’.

Level 1

In Level 1, the point is basically to remember the controls, so there is bit of everything in there. There are jumps, rolls, platforms, springboards, moving boxes and enemies. The controls work like this:

  • ← Moves you left
  • → Moves you right
  • ↓ makes you crouch
  • ‘S’ makes you jump

And no, I don’t know why ‘S’ is jump either.

To kill an enemy, simply jump on it, then jump on it again.

Video Guide: -coming soon-

Level 2

Level 2 brings a bit more complexity to the game. With some backwards jumps required, it’s certainly harder. Also, another enemy is introduced. He is, in essence, a ‘Mini-Boss’. It’s a rat thing, who has a ‘Bazooka’ style weapon. Dodge out of the path of his bullets or face some damage. The up-side is he only needs one hit to kill him. 😀

Video Guide: -coming soon-

Level 3

The final level of Fancy Pants 1. Kinda disappointing that there’s only 3 levels, but you’ll realize why I got over it later. 😉 The level in itself is quite short, but at the end is your real challenge – The Angry Penguin Guy Dude Thing-A-Majig. To beat him, wait till he charges at the wall, jump out of the way, and then jump on him. Three or four of these should kill him!

Video Guide:  -coming soon-

World 2 – The Better One. 😀

Last year, Fancy Pants 2 was released. A massive improvement of it’s predecessor, it gained very high praise. So, what’s all the fuss about?!

Level 1

Level one of Fancy Pants Adventures 2 is much easier than Level 1 of the original. It starts off with you playing a simple game of Golf. A man thinks you are brilliant and gives you and Ice Cream (probably chocolate flavored… maybe nut). Anyway, a rabbit steals your chocolate, and basically this game revolves around getting the Ice Cream back. The first level is set in a kind of ‘Rubbish Dump’. Easily completed though, seen and there is only really one way to go. 😉




Music/Sound FX


Things To Do




TOTAL: 37.5/40!

Part 2 of the review will be probably on December 27th or 28th.

Merry Christmas!!!

Spurs – The new guy. 😉

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Arcanists Lolcats? Pfft.

14 Comments Add your own

  • 1. jamieissocoollike  |  December 24, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    Awesome. Wonder who made that post……
    legoless: We may never know.

  • 2. Lamewad & Double Lamewad  |  December 24, 2008 at 6:07 pm

  • 3. jamieissocoollike  |  December 24, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    LOL, you Tubbo’s never learn. If you look down on the blog (That’s the opposite to up if you didn’t know), you’ll see McLego’s last post was 15 days ago. And he’s just told me that he’s planning a new post. So, how can I put this…..


  • 4. ginny3  |  December 24, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    its christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merry christmas!!!!!!!!

  • 5. Guineapig119  |  December 24, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    Great first post, Spurs. Welcome to the site!

    And Merry Christmas, everyone!!

  • 6. shaggy tornado  |  December 25, 2008 at 7:18 am

    Merry Christmas! Here in America, Christmas was 18 mins ago. 😀

  • 7. Pewycert  |  December 25, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    dragon cave has new christmassy eggs. they remind me of candy canes
    legoless: Ugh, they didn’t bring back the old Christmas eggs. 👿

  • 8. Pewycert  |  December 25, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Yeah i was hopeing for the old eggs too

  • 9. Grey Lizard  |  December 26, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    I love this game! I have gotten all of the trophies ( not all the pant colors 😦 )

  • 10. Pinunpich  |  December 29, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Lamewad & Double Lamewad …..

    (Look at the icon,do they remind you of somebody?)

  • 11. ginny3  |  December 29, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    when is part 2 coming out??

  • 12. 009lvlnomed  |  December 30, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    Hey legoless, whats with the chicken egg?
    legoless: I was trying to hatch it in time for Christmas Dinner, but…

  • 13. Elle (dizzywoodnewbie too lazy to sign in)  |  January 2, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    That sounds awesome. =)
    I have a sister named Jamie… but I know it’s also a guys’ name.
    Well, even though I don’t work here, welcome to the site. :mrgreen:

  • 14. Jamie012  |  February 3, 2009 at 8:02 am

    Jamie can be a girls name too.


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