Spore Post #4 – Civilisation Stage

August 7, 2009 at 8:22 pm 6 comments

Because I’m bored stiff and have nothing better to do I’m gonna get a head start on the Civ Stage post. This is the last “stage” post in my Spore project (since Space is gonna be split up into different subjects) so I hope you like it.



After killing off or befriending every tribe in Tribal Stage, you become the dominant species on the planet. Luckily for your tribe, you get to advance first, and get to capture some spice geysers and destroy other tribes before anyone else does.

You first goal is to capture the nearest spice geyser to your new city by sending a land vehicle out. However, you can take advantage of the time between the capturing of your first geyser and the addition of a rival city appearing. You might notice other tribes on the continent that haven’t evolved yet. You can order your land vehicle to attack these tribes. You can get money or a new vehicle, which is a randomly determined type (as in religious, economic or military). Some tribes bite back though. These tribes are the one’s who are destined to become cities later on.

You should also try to capture as many spice geysers as you can before any other city does. Note that sometimes there are epics wandering around the continent who will destroy your shiny new vehicle if given half the chance, so when sending your troops out to secure geysers, don’t be surprised if a few go missing. There are also geysers out at sea, and if your city is beside the sea you should build a boat and capture them as well. The location of your city all depends on where your final nest in creature stage was. Normally your third nest is always beside the sea, but if you disrupt the cycle of migration you can end up in the middle of nowhere just as easily. By not breeding often or by discovering finding a separate nest of your species and joining them you can screw up the chance of having a seaside resort later on in your development (such as nearby fishing spots in Tribal or boats being immediately available in Civilisation, which is the case here). Anyway, if you are near the sea build some boats and send them after spice geysers, which should be a piece of cake seeing as there aren’t any sea monsters in Civ. 😛

Once another city does pop up on the planet, there are quite a few things you can do about it:

  1. Ignore it.
  2. Capture it.

Obviously if you want to get on to Space Stage then you need to capture it. Depending on your attitude in Tribal Stage you have three options of doing that:

  • Peacefully: You can use music to subdue their defences and convert the whole city if you’re Religious. Unhappy cities are easy to convert, but happy cities may not take kindly to you trying to take over, and will throw rocks at your vehicles. If you keep doing it, eventually they’ll get their turrets to blast you to pieces. If you’re really determined you can stop the turrets one by one and then start playing music at the city again. By attacking the cities entertainment buildings you can shut them down, thus causing unhappiness and easier conversion.
  • Economically: If you create a trade route with another city you can send your vehicles to transport spice from their city to the closest one of yours. Each delivery of spice from your city to theirs adds a bit of money to your account, and increases a little meter at the top of their city. When that meter is full, you can buy the city. Depending on how many turrets and buildings they have, you may have to spend quite a bit to buy them out.
  • BLOW EM UP: If you’re a Military city you can send your vehicles to attack and conquer a rival city. Surprisingly, most people don’t seem to like being bombed, and their turrets and vehicles will attack you immediately. After disposing of their defences, you have to blow up all the buildings before moving on to the City Hall. When that’s been hit enough times they’ll surrender.

When an empire is destroyed (all the cities of a certain colour are gone) all spice geysers owned by them become fair game. Other cities tend to take them very fast, so you need to beat them to it by getting there sooner, or taking it over before the attack on the city itself.

All of the above strategies and attacks can be used by another empire against you. You should keep your cities happy and make sure they’re well defended when taking on bigger obstacles later on in the stage. However, other cities can’t buy you out, so you might as well accept a request for a trade route if you get one. More spucks, better relations with that empire, and best of all, you don’t have to do anything! They send their own vehicles to deliver spice.

But money doesn’t grow on trees. (It comes from the ground, but that’s not the point.) You need factories in your city to make a profit. Factories make your citizens unhappy, but that can be counteracted with entertainment buildings. Don’t place an entertainment building beside a factory though. If you see a red line linked them you’re wasting the entertainment building. Houses can be useful for separating them. Also, houses increase income when placed next to a factory, and increase happiness when places next to an entertainment building. Houses increase the population of a city too, which enables you to purchase more vehicles. Don’t forget turrets either though! City building can be a little confusing at the start. To help you understand the links between buildings, here’s a guide:

  • Red: Unhappiness. A well-functioning city shouldn’t have any red lines in it.
  • Cyan: Income. The more of this, the more money the city is making. It also causes unhappiness though.
  • White: These lines have no effect. Houses cause these lines when they’re not beside anything. Though it’s better if you have a coloured line, white ones aren’t going to have a negative effect on your city.
  • Green: These lines increase happiness. If a city is happy, they’re less likely to succumb to religious attacks (lol that sounds weird). Happiness also affects income. If a city is sad, they might rebel and go on strike, which will decrease the income that city makes. if a city is happy, it will celebrate, which increases the money they produce. You also get a fuzzy feeling inside.

If you have a nice balance between green and blue lines, you’ll have a profitable city and can earn lots of money very quickly. With that money you can buy new vehicles, which are always useful. There are three types of vehicles: land, water and air. To unlock air vehicles you need to capture three cities. Different vehicles can be useful for different things. Land vehicles can go anywhere on land, but cannot cross seas. They’re useful for capturing spice geysers on the continent they’re on. Water vehicles can access spice geysers out at sea, but can only interact with coastal cities (ones with harbours). Air vehicles can go anywhere, but cannot capture spice geysers.

As far as economic empires go, it doesn’t really matter when kind of vehicle you use. Water vehicles are good for trade between two different continents. Land vehicles are good for cities on the same continent. Air vehicles are probably the best, seeing as they can go straight from one city to the other without having to go around landmarks.

Religious and military empires are more dependant on types of vehicles. At the start land vehicles can be used to take over the continent. Or if you want you can get a head start by using water vehicles to capture a city on a separate continent. After you unlock air vehicles the geography of the planet isn’t really all that important anymore.

In Civ Stage you have quite a few super powers based on your actions in past stages. In Civ Stage however, it costs money to use them. MOAR LISTS NAO.

Healing Aura – This repairs all of your buildings and vehicles back to full health. It’s useful if your city is under attack and you won’t be able to get back in time, so you can delay the capture of the city by repairing everything.
Omnivore: Static Bomb – Use it on a city to stop retaliation from it’s defence system. It disables the turrets and vehicles to give you a head start attacking the city itself.
Carnivore: Invulnerability – Your vehicles won’t take any damage for a limited time when this is used.

Social: Diplo Dervish – This increases your relationship with another empire for a while, which can be handy for stopping wars and such.
Adaptable: Bribe Bomb – Causes all the enemy vehicles in the bomb’s radius to start attacking each other and ignore your vehicles.
Predator: Mighty Bomb – Does exactly what is says on the tin. Good when you’re attacking a big city, or when you want the speed up the capture of a smaller one.

Friendly: Black Cloud – Disables a cities turrets and shuts down the entertainment buildings, causing unhappiness and easier converting.
Industrious: Ad Blitz – Sends an advertising blimp to the selected city, which fills up the buy-out meter. If you don’t want to wait for your trade route, this is a fast way to buy a city, though you’ll lose the money you could’ve earned with the trade route (not to mention the money you spent buying the blimp in the first place).
Aggressive: Gadget Bomb – An Atomic Bomb.  It makes all nations hate you for using nuclear weapons (a -90 relationship modifier to be exact) and it causes some building slots to be unavailable for a while because they turn into piles of rubble which can’t be removed. But the explosion’s cool! 😀

To use most super powers you need a certain amount of cities under your control. There are also some special super powers which are based on your empire’s type at the start of Civ Stage. These powers are available even if you haven’t played through the other stages, so if you start a new planet on Civ Stage they’ll be there. You need at least 6 cities (and enough Spore bucks) to use them. They all cause instant global domination, but I prefer to ignore them and take over the world the old fashioned way. Still, they look pretty cool, and you get a secret achievement for using the Military one.

Fanatical Uprising: Makes a big hologram appear over one of your cities and sends streams of music all over the planet, instantly converting the whole planet to your religion.
Global Merger: It sends blimps to all of the remaining cities, buying them all and playing a little tune at the same time.
ICMB: Let your inner genocidal lunatic out. This launches big nuclear bombs at all the remaining cities. The citizens won’t thank you for it, but it sure is a lot of fun. (Plus you get an achievement if this is your first time blowing up the world!) Some buildings turn into nuclear waste piles, and, as stated above, will prevent you for building on that site for some time.

Oh yeah, here are some pictures of Civ Stage (click to make them bigger):

“You can take your lousy trade route and stuff it up your…”

“Rawr I is the evil City Hall of doom and angry smilies!!”

That screenshot didn’t really come out like I’d hoped. 😕

“You… you blew up the arcade!.. You blew it all up!… How COULD you?… I had the high score on Pac Man, you sick, demented CREEP!”

…Anyway, once global dominance is yours, no matter which way you do it, you get to build a space ship. Now the fun begins…

-legoless 😉

Also, don’t forget to read:

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  • 1. Jamie McElwain  |  August 8, 2009 at 6:19 am

    My first DSi post is more or less done. I’ll publish it mid next week (Wednesday/Thursday)

  • 2. 009lvlnomed  |  August 8, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    U shuld do a post about the achevements in spore!
    legoless: Yeah, I was actually thinking about that. But there’s not much you can say about ‘Creature Stage Completed’ or ‘Spore Addict’.

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  • 4. gardeneer  |  August 20, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    Love the post.
    BTW 38 more views and you’re on
    legoless: Uh-oh.

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  • 6. Anonymous  |  January 30, 2012 at 8:57 pm



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