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Spore Post #8 – Steve

This post contains spoilers.

This Spore post is about the Centre of the Galaxy. It’s a giant purple black hole in, not surprisingly, the middle of the Spore galaxy. This also happens to be Grox territory. Getting there is a pain in the neck, because you have to travel a vast distance (even with the use of a wormhole key) and your travel range gets seriously stunted for some reason. You’ll also most likely have a ton of Grox spaceships shooting at you. Be prepared to lose your fleet, and stock up on energy and health packs before you leave.

When you eventually get to the centre, the Grox ships will leave you alone. You can take your time admiring the pretty colours, or you can jump straight in and see what happens. If this is your first time here and you haven’t cheated on this save, you’ll also get an achievement. I had a picture of me reaching the centre, but I must’ve forgot to save it once I pasted it on Paint. -_- Here’s one off Google Images instead (click to enlarge):

Once you enter the galactic centre (just like you’d enter a normal black hole) a cutscene will begin, where you get to meet Steve. I’m not gonna describe it, so you can watch this video instead:

You’ll get a new tool called the ‘Staff of Life’. It only has 42 uses, but it instantly terraforms a planet to T3.  Steve also mentions that you should stop by “the third rock from Sol” for a free breakfast or something, but no changes happen on Earth so this is probably just a hint about the Sol system.

After your meeting with Steve, you’re plonked back outside the galactic core. My advice would be to go to the nearest Grox planet and wait until you die so you’ll be teleported back to the nearest colony. If you’re after making a trail of colonies along the way though, this won’t get you far and you’ll have to attempt the journey back. The Return Ticket super power will come in handy here, if you have it.

Nothing really changes after this adventure, other than an entry on your timeline stating you’ve reached enlightenment. Once your Staff of Life runs out, you can’t go back to the centre to recharge it – 42 uses is all you get.

That’s about all there is to it. You might wanna read my post about Earth on Spore if you haven’t already.

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