Oblivion DLC – Thieves Den

August 21, 2010 at 11:33 am 7 comments

This post will be about the Thieves Den plugin, which adds another player home. But this time instead of being up the side of a mountain, it’s in a cave. By the sea. Under a castle. Oh, and it has a wrecked boat inside too.

When you load up the game you’ll “hear a rumour” (even if you’re at the bottom of Niben Bay or in the middle of fighting trolls in an abandoned mine) about the legendary Dunbarrow Cove being uncovered underneath Castle Anvil. Travelling to Smuggler’s Cave (which is in the vanilla game but doesn’t have anything in it except a skill book and a locked door) will reveal a new passage which leads into Dunbarrow Cove proper. It’s crawling with skeleton pirates (wut?). Kill them all, take their unique cutlasses, and then enter the Captain’s Quarters (which has somehow detached itself from the ship and ended up on a cliff overhanging an underground lagoon). Inside you’ll find Cap’n Dugal. He’s another skeleton with a cutlass. Kill him and read his diaries (he has four).

The skeletons were the remains of Torradan ap Dugal and his crew. You’ll have to read the diaries yourself to find out what happened, but basically they became trapped underground when a cliff collapsed over their ship during a battle with the first count of Anvil. Then they died and turned into walking skeletons. But now that they’re gone, you have a whole cave complex and a ruined ship to yourself. For some reason your character feels the need to live there. You need to visit Dahlia Rackham, a pirate added to a ship in Anvil harbour. She can sell you an upgrade to the captain’s quarters and can hire pirates to live in your new cave and provide you services. You can buy a supplier, a fence (who will buy stolen goods), a security expert (who has a special locked box which will never open, allowing you to train your security skill), a fletcher and a spymaster (who is glitched an likes to randomly attack everyone else). Some of the pirates sell unique items which can only be obtained with this plugin.

Once you hire enough pirates, more will join you for free. When you buy everything, you’ll have three ‘free’ pirates. You can then send them out to plunder. In about a week they’ll return, and place your share of the money in the captain’s quarters. You can do this indefinitely, with no negative consequences. When all the upgrades have been purchased, the key to that locked door in the Smuggler’s Cave will appear in a chest in the captain’s quarters. The door leads into a secret passage in Castle Anvil. Perfect for a thief to make a little money.


Smuggler’s Cave with the new entrance to Dunbarrow Cove.

The fence, Khafiz, along with his pet boar Bacon.

The wrecked ship.

Your quarters.

Dahlia Rackham onboard The Sea Tub Clarabella, a pirate ship which is smuggling sheep.

Zedrick Green, a pirate who joins your crew after purchasing two upgrades.

The chest which contains the Smuggler’s Key and any gold your pirates bring back when plundering.

Secret video footage of what your crew does while you’re away.

The next post will be about the Mehrune’s Razor official plugin. And don’t forget to read my Oblivion, Horse Armour, Orrery and Wizard’s Tower posts as well!


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