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I uploaded a Scratch project onto my widget. It’s called things. There’s an old block (that doesn’t work on Scratch if you have Scratch 1.1 or upwards) called the “when _ is true” block. Here’s a picture of it:


There’s also a cool costume in the project. It’s invisible! Download it & see for your self.

May 21, 2007 at 7:49 am Leave a comment Update

I’ve changed the name of my widget from ScratchIt to My Work. I uploaded a video called Dancing on Ice. It’s actually a zip folder. It’s about a penguin in Club Penguin who’s dancing in the coffee shop & suddenly he’s at the night club. Then he’s going down a mountain at top speed! (When he’s teleporting to the mountain, it takes a long time to teleport.) Even though the Scratch Museum’s projects aren’t mine, I put the zip folder together. So I think My Work is an appropriate name for my widget. If you don’t think so, then leave a comment on what you think it should be called.

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Download Scratch Museum

I’ve got a new file sharing widget called ScratchIt. If you want to get the Scratch Museum collection (see Scratch Museum) Click on the download button, save it somewhere then open it. You will see some zip files. Click on them 1 by 1 & drag the files inside them onto your desktop. Now go into Scratch, click on the “Open” button then click on the “Desktop” button on the side. You will see the names of the files you dragged onto your desktop there. Open 1 & save it in whichever section you think the project will fit in. Do this to all of them then go to your desktop & right click on all the files & press delete. A window will ask you do you want to send “(the name of the file)” to the Recycle Bin. Click yes. Do this to all the files. Most systems should have an inbuilt utility to un-pack the zip files or you can use the free & very powerful 7z program. Here’s a picture of inside the Scratch Museum:


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