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Poptropica Haunted House Update

The Haunted House quest on Poptropica, which was only around for Halloween, is here to stay! The button on the map has disappeared, but you can get a special teleport card in the Poptropica store. And the best part is, it’s free!


Hurry and get it though, because I have a feeling it won’t stick around for ever.

With it, you can visit the Haunted House anytime you want. I have a feeling there will be more teleport cards to come, but I can guarantee you that they won’t be free.

That’s all for now!

Don’t forget to read my original Haunted House post if you haven’t already.

November 7, 2009 at 12:51 pm 11 comments

Poptropica Halloween Event

I wasn’t planning on writing an extra post, but I guess I have to. Poptropica have released a special quest especially for Halloween.


Let me again complain about the ‘Limited Time Only’ idea that Poptropica has adopted.

Ok done.

To get to the Haunted House get into the nearest hot air balloon and click the new button in the lower left corner. You really can’t miss it.


You’ll then get transported to a graveyard. Or, rather, into a graveyard. You rise from a grave when you get there, which is pretty cool, except for the fact that you took a hot air balloon to get there…


Apart from that lapse in realism, it’s an alright quest. Better than most of the advertisement buildings. It’s kind of tricky, so here’s a guide:

  1. Climb to the top of the house, You’ll probably have seen a bat flying around with a key. At the top, it’s pretty easy to catch him and get the key.
  2. The key is used to open a padlock on the cellar entrance, which is to the left of the house. You’re Poptropican chickens out, but click it again to force him inside.
  3. Inside the basement there are a couple of spiders which hit you backwards if you touch off them. Go over to the floating pipes, and connect them all to fix the boiler. Jump on the steam coming out of it to be pushed upwards. Time it right and you’ll be able to grab that bottle of poison on the shelf. What a lovely thing to put in a children’s game…
  4. Go upstairs to where the two knight figures are standing. See the dude with the ice pick? Jump on his head to get it off him.
  5. Go back downstairs to the kitchen and open the fridge. Click on the ice inside to scrape some off with your handy ice pick.
  6. Now go back upstairs to the bedroom. The phone will tell you to make both the clocks on the mantlepiece chime 12 at the same time.
  7. Hover your mouse over one to make it go faster. Get both of them to hit 12 o’clock at the same time to complete the puzzle.
  8. Collect the lantern that falls down the chimney and go into the dining room across the hall. (Watch your head.)
  9. Click on the spider on the ground to frighten the painting a floor below. She’ll drop her broom. Go jump on top of it and fly up  to the dining room again. There’s a hole in the roof leading to the attic.  At the far side of the attic you’ll find a chest with yet another padlock.
  10. Another puzzle. The skull picture on the padlock gets mixed up and you need to fix it. Just remember the order and you’ll have no trouble. If you make a mess of it you can start over with the restart button.
  11. Grab the chalice that comes out and head back down to the cellar. Find a box of kerosene under the stairs and use it to light your lantern.
  12. Go back upstairs to the ground floor, and enter the sitting room. You’ll see a ghost cat. It will tell you to “bring the treasures to where the cherub cries”. The cherub is that crying angel you saw in the graveyard.
  13. Go back outside via the cellar entrance and head back over to the graveyard. To the right of the cherub you’ll see a freshly dug grave. Yes, you have to go into it.
  14. You end up in a musty old tomb. Go talk to the witch. She’ll thank you for bringing them light and the punch for the party. She’ll give you 50 credits to buy…. well, not a whole lot. If you have some leftover credits from another island you might be able to get a costume. I got a sea monster one. :mrgreen:

Congratulations, you’re done! No medal, but the 50 credits is a pretty good reward. Better than stupid logo shirts that disappear, or some Costumizable clothes that eventually get overwritten by quest items or cooler stuff.

Whenever you’re finished Costumizing the guests’ clothes and bouncing the balloons around head back outside. (You can’t drink any of the pirate juice though, because i’s not meant for the “living”.) When you want to go somewhere else head back over to the grave you came out of at the start to bring up the map.


Some pictures:

Talking to a dead cat…
Click to enlarge.

Mingling with the dead at The Ghoul’s Gala.
Click to enlarge.

My other character dressed for Halloween.
Don’t bother clicking, he’s meant to be that small. 😉


The bat with the key.

In other news:

  • I haven’t had this section on a post in ages.
  • What are you doing for Halloween? I’m not going trick-or-treating. (I’ll buy my own damn sweets, thank you very much.) I think I’ll stay at home and watch a scary movie. Any suggestions for what I should watch?
  • …….Hi.

That’s all for now!  I’m hoping to have another post before the end of the week. Also have a look at my Chicken Smoothie Halloween post if you haven’t already.

-legoless 😀

October 26, 2009 at 3:28 pm 16 comments

Poptropican Glatorian Bionicle Advertisement Mark 1.0 + “My Idea”

That’s gotta be the best post title ever.

I normally don’t like writing about Poptropica things, but I enjoyed this advertisement building so much I wanted to post about it. It’s about a new Bionicle (you know those LEGO-that-ins’t-lego things?) series.


This advertisement building, even if it is the coolest in a long time, still has a lot of very annoying faults. Let’s see what the weighing scales has to say about this building:

It’s cool +1
It has an alright reward +2
It’s kinda challenging +1
It’s about Lego +1

It’s only for accounts registered as between 6-12 -1
It’s only for male accounts -1
It’s about Bionicle -1
It has ‘Terms of Use’ stuck to every wall -1
Everything will disappear when the advertisement is over -1
It has too many Downs -1

My Rating: 4/10

A bit harsh. But the weighing scales know all.

Figure it out for yourself. I find it more satisfying when you do it without help. If you really do get stuck, go to an island that lets you fly (Early Poptropica, Super Power) and then just fly over the enemies.


poptropicabionicle poptropicawater poptropicaballlauncher
poptropicawater2 poptropicaballlauncher2 poptropicamatanui

The Thornax Launcher is a handheld item. When you press spacebar is shoots whichever ball you have equipped: there’s a green one, a red one with spikes or a yellow one with spikes. The Mata Nui costume can be Costumized. It makes a pretty cool space suit if you’re playing Astroknights.

And let me once again rant about the way all advertisement items disappear after a while.
Thank you for your time.

I’m putting an idea out there because it seems like a good one:

I think that the Creators should make a new island  for all the advertisement buildings, but you can only wear the items gained from them on that island. Maybe they could make it an island where you can only go to if you buy a ticket from the Credit Store. If the company doesn’t want the ad to remain, they can remove all traces of the product from that building and item(s) e.g. get rid of the Bionicles and the trademarked named from the current advertisement and just make it into a generic get some water for a dude adventure.

In fact, if they did that with all of the advertisement buildings, they could make a whole new island without that much effort. It could always be growing; each time a new advertisement is retired it gets added. Plus (now this is just me personally) even though I hate buying credits I’d definitely do it for that island. OH YEAH AND THEY NEED TO REMOVE THOSE STUPID AGE/GENDER RESTRICTIONS. GAWD.

Comment what you think of my idea. If you want to talk about this new advertisement, or Poptropica in general, please go to the Poptropica Discussion Page instead of clogging up this post.

-legoless 😉

In other news: Wow, the new WordPress spell checker is brilliant! It really is as good as Microsoft Word.

September 19, 2009 at 3:44 pm 6 comments

Halloween Updates

Halloween is right around the corner. Both Poptropica and AQ Worlds already have some cool Halloween stuff to do.

On Poptropica, they set up a little stall on Main Street. You can get Halloween costumes there.

There’s a witch costume, a mummy costume, a vampire costume and a pumpkin hat.

You can also sign up to receive an e-mail when Nabooti Island is released by clicking this button:

On AQ Worlds, they made a whole new area called Mystcroft. It’s a small village that only appears on ‘Mogloween’.

There’s a vampire queen who sells you rare items. To buy most of them though, you need to help the three witches – Bubble, Toil and Trouble – by completing their quests. There are also lots of new monsters, such as ghosts, man-eating pumpkins, and even a new boss monster – Blister. He has a chainsaw that – if you are lucky – he might drop after you defeat him. That’s not the only free item though; there is also pumpkin armour, a sword made out of vines and a pretty cool cape! (There are probably more, but I haven’t found them yet.) Here are a few pictures:

Mystcroft be here till November the 10th, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, Automattic (the company that owns WordPress) has bought the site ‘PollDaddy’. It’s an awesome site that makes polls. Loads of people use it, including PC World, RTÉ and Fox. Anyway, the guys over at Automattic made a new poll feature for WordPress. So I decided to make my own poll, just to see how it works.

That’s all for now!

October 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm 14 comments

New Lego Ad!

There’s a new advertisement on Poptropica! It’s one of the best so far.

There are two Lego mini-adventures to play. They’re pretty fun.

In the ‘Lego Agents’ one, you just have to dodge the lasers & steal Dr. Inferno’s laptop. Then you run away from the guards & jump in the getaway car (you need to collect a box of Lego to build it first, though). At the end you get a Lego Agents Costume.

In the ‘Lego Racers’ one, you have to run around collecting the Lego cars before the race starts. Then you get to build one. At the end you get a Lego Racers costume. Unlike the Race to the Bowl outfit, this one doesn’t make you go super fast. 😦

But, sadly, like all other advertisement buildings they will disappear eventually. But since I now actually have some legos, my name doesn’t make sense. So, until my lego disappears, I will respond to comments under the name ‘Lego’. Not much of a change, but I thought it’d be fun. 😛

Which reminds me, there are two new banners on the Poptropica home page for the two new islands.

Big Nate Island actually looks quite interesting. It’s a shame the actual comic strip is that bad.

In other news: For the first time ever, they actually posted about an advertisement on the Creator’s Blog. But the post will probably get deleted or something after the Lego Building disappears. 😐

Don’t forget to visit the Poptropica Discussion Page, where you can talk about Poptropica with other fans!

That’s all for now!

September 19, 2008 at 9:20 pm 28 comments

Spy Island!

Yup, you read correctly, Spy Island is out! It’s an awesome island. Very tricky.

There are loads of cool new items, like the Chameleon Suit, or the Grappling Bowtie.

Your mission is to free the three top spies who have been captured. Remember to look for other spies who give you clues on what to do next, or even secret messages!

Once you complete this island you become the new director of the spies!

Remember, if you want to discuss Poptropica with other fans, please use the Poptropica Discussion Page, not this post.
Also, many thanks to Jake for taking the time to write a guide for Spy Island. (It’s comment number 458 on the Discussion Page.)

That’s all for now!

September 12, 2008 at 1:21 pm 18 comments

Megapost #2

Ok, I haven’t updated about Poptropica in a while, so there are quite a lot of things to cover. I don’t wanna write about all of them, so here’s a list:

  1. 24 Carrot finally comes out.
  2. The Race to the Bowl starts. If you win you got a costume that lets you run really fast & a trophy. You can also get Team Apple & CinnaMon shirts.
  3. The Costumizer tool comes out. Now you can copy any item from NPCs! (Apart from handheld items.) This then replaces the old ‘Friends’ button at the top of the screen.
  4. The Race to the Bowl ends. Team CinnaMon won.
  5. Super Power Island comes out.
  6. Nim’s Island Activity Centres appear all over Poptropica. You can get two costumes in there. One looks like Indiana Jones.
  7. ‘Don’t just go Back, Arrive’ videos spring up all over the place. It seems to be an advertisement for new ‘Back to school’ clothes. Weird.
  8. The Arrive Lounge appears & replaces most of the Nim’s Island Activity Centres. It has loads of new outfits inside. You can also take some pictures of your character. Here are some (no prizes for guessing which one is me):

Some other little un-important things that happened:

  • When 24 Carrot came out, the Race to the Bowl was leaked. It was removed though, & then re-added a few days afterwards.
  • A bonus item came out after Super Power was released. It was a chalice you held in your hand. It was hidden on top of a shark statue at Booga Bay on Shark Tooth. It was changed a few days afterwards to black sunglasses for some reason. All chalices disappeared. You can find the sunglasses on top of the big building on Time Tangled (not Party Time Tower, the other one behind the lab).
  • Just a few days ago, a guy appeared outside all remaining Nim’s Island Activity Centres, dressed in the Indiana Jones clothes. He tells you to go inside to learn more about Nim’s Island.
  • The ‘Don’t Just Go Back, Arrive’ videos have disappeared… but the Lounge is still there.

Ok. That’s all. I might add more pictures later… or not. 😛


August 10, 2008 at 3:05 pm 27 comments

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