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Oblivion DLC – Knights of the Nine

This post will be about the Knights of the Nine official DLC for Oblivion, which adds a new questline and powerful new artifacts to the game.

Upon loading, you should start to hear people talking about an attack on the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil. All the priestesses were murdered, and now a prophet is ranting about the start of an attack on the Church itself. Visiting Anvil, you’ll find the chapel has been desecrated with the blood of the priestesses. By talking to the Prophet outside, you’ll discover that Umaril the Unfeathered, an ancient Ayleid king, has risen again and seeks revenge on the Gods. Umaril was killed long ago by the champion of men, Pelinal Whitestrake, using weapons and armour given to him by the Gods. But Umaril joined himself with the Daedra. Like the Daedra his spirit can’t be killed, and now he has returned. The only way to defeat Umaril is to find the Crusader’s Relics. But the Relics have been lost in time. Only by admitting to the Prophet that you are not a worthy knight will he tell you how to find them: you have to pray at the wayshrines of the Nine Divines.

Wayshrines are circular altars out in the wilderness that you may have come across before. This plugin changes how they function a bit. After praying at a wayshrine to each of the Nine you would usually receive a Greater Power called Pilgrim’s Grace, but to get that now you have to complete this quest and then do the pilgrimage again with no infamy. But during the quest you will be cleared of infamy and then given a vision of Pelinal Whitestrake, up in the clouds above the Imperial City. He tells you that after his death, his friends built him a shrine in the old Ayleid settlement of Vanua. Vanua has since sunk into Lake Rumare, but can still be accessed after a short swim.

Vanua has a strange mix of Ayleid and Imperial fort architecture, with a few natural caves thrown in as well. It’s filled with undead, but it has a good number of welkynd stones. Eventually you’ll reach a dead end, with two locked doors. On the ground you’ll find the skeleton of Sir Amiel. Take his ring, his journal and his key. The journal explains that he was a Knight of the Nine, a holy order dedicated to finding and protecting the Crusader’s Relics. The ring will be needed later. The key opens up both locked doors (one leads up to the shrine, the other is a shortcut to the entrance). The Crusader’s shrine can be seen on a balcony overhead, and you can skip a lot more enemies if you can jump up to it. Otherwise go through the caves. Once you reach the shrine, take the Helm of the Crusader. It was created by Dibella, and fortifies your restoration and personality, as well as adding the ‘Serene Beauty’ calm spell when equipped. Note that you need an infamy of under 2 to wear any of the Relics, so if you’ve picked up more you’ll need to do the whole pilgrimage again.

Your only other lead on the Relics is the skeleton below you. His journal marks the Priory of the Nine on your map, which is in the West Weald. Going there you’ll find an abandoned priory house and chapel. But if you look around the priory house you should find a symbol on the floor, which you can fit Sir Amiel’s ring into. This will cause the symbol to sink down into the ground, creating a stairway and revealing the door to the basement. In the basement you’ll find the entrance to the crypt, which is the final resting place for most of the old Knights. Inside you’ll find the Cuirass of the Crusader, but before you can take it the ghost of Sir Amiel appears. He explains that you have to fight each of the Knights (who also appear around you) in single combat. Once you do, he’ll attack you himself. By defeating him you will earn his respect, and can take the cuirass. It fortifies your health and restoration, and has a chance of resisting normal weapons (unenchanted weapons, not counting silver or Daedric). You can use the stand it was on to display the Relics when not in use, and putting them on it repairs, recharges and levels them.

You can talk to the rest of the knights to gain clues about the location of some of the Relics. You can do the quests in any order, but I recommend getting the gauntlets last.

To retrieve the Boots of the Crusader, you need to visit the Shrine of Kynareth. Instead of a chapel, the followers of Kynareth worship her outdoors “in the chapel of Her creation”. Talking to Avita Vesnia will reveal the location of the Grove of Trials, an unmarked cave nearby. Once there you get attacked by a giant bear called the Forest Guardian. Don’t attack it. Doing so will fail the quest and possibly add infamy. Eventually the bear will stop attacking and walk away, and the door into Kynareth’s Grotto will appear. Inside you’ll find two friendly spriggans (don’t kill them or you get infamy) and the Boots. Wearing them will fortify your restoration and give you the Woodland Grace ability, which means that natural animals won’t attack you. When you return to the priory you’ll find Avita there, asking to become a Knight of the Nine. Granting her request will change her name to Sir Avita, and she will be equipped with a Knights of the Nine cuirass and shield, as well as chainmail armour. Also, the Chapel of Mara in Bravil will be desecrated after this quest (although you won’t hear it from anyone other than your knights, and the townspeople don’t seem bothered). One of the advanced restoration trainers, Marz, will be killed along with the rest of the priests and priestesses.

After you recruit your first knight, two Nord brothers named Geimund and Gukimar will show up at the priory on their horses. They served in the Legion for a while, and came all the way from Skyrim to join your Crusade.

To retrieve the Mace of the Crusader, you have to go to the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin. The priests there don’t like your quest for the Relics, but you’ll meet Carodus Oholin who is friendly towards you. He’s there to protect the priests, who fear another attack. To get the mace you need to go into the undercroft and pray at the tomb of Saint Kaladas. You will be transported to a void, with the Mace in the distance. To get to it you must equip the Boots of the Crusader, which will create a glowing blue path over to the Mace. Grab it to be teleported back to the undercroft. When you enter the chapel you will find it being attacked by strange golden creatures called Aurorans. These are in fact Daedra, and are the servants of the Daedric Prince Meridia (who is Umaril’s ally). The priests and even random citizens can be killed during the battle. If you’re any good with blunt weapons, you should use the Mace as Auroran’s are weak to fire magic. (The Mace will also turn undead, which will be handy later on, and it adds the Crusader’s Arm effect which fortifies your blunt skill.) By searching the Aurorans’ bodies you can find gems, jewellery, enchanted Ayleid battle axes which deal shock damage and even some welkynd stones if you’re lucky. After the attack the priests will be a lot more sympathetic to your holy quest, and Carodus will ask to become a Knight of the Nine.

To receive the Shield of the Crusader you need to go to Fort Bulwark, which was built by Sir Henrik and his friends to keep the Shield safe. The abandoned fort has recently been taken over by a group of conjurers who seek the Shield as well. In the first area you need to find a turn handle to open a gate needed to proceed. (You can also find a conjurer’s note which hints at a puzzle further on.) Follow the path behind the gate and you’ll come to a balcony with another handle. Turning it will lower two drawbridges in front of you. Backtrack to the drawbridges to come to a room with panels on the floor. You need to stand on the panels according to the candles on the wall (which were placed there by the conjurers, according to the note). The proper sequence is left panel, right panel, middle panel, left panel. This will open up the gate in front of you, giving access to the next zone.

The next area is being used as a torture area. Inside a cell you’ll find Sir Thedret, a knight also seeking the shield. Free him and he will give you another clue to a puzzle, and will then exit the fort claiming he’ll see you again. Continuing on, you’ll reach a large amount of dart traps on the roof, over a set of drawbridges. The darts fall in sequence, so if you watch carefully you can make it through unharmed. Or you could just run like hell.  In the next room you’ll find four statues and a large statue of Julianos. These are the guardians Sir Thedret told you about. You need to use the turn handles located on these statues to make them face the circle on the floor. This will open up a door into the final zone.

In this zone you’ll find a large room with many chests around the wall, and one chest in the middle. By watching the chests you’ll notice that items appear over them. Remember these items and step on the panel in front of the middle chest to receive one of them. Your goal is to place each item from the chest into the proper chest along the wall. Once you do the statue above will light up. When all statues are lit up the wall behind the middle chest will move, revealing the Shield. It has a chance of reflecting spells cast at the player. Use one of the side passages to the right or left to take a shortcut back to the first zone. Return to the priory to be greeted by Sir Thedret, who will join the Knights of the Nine (without asking for your permission) and become your second-in-command. As long as this isn’t the last quest (because if it is you will be greeted by Lathon upon your return) then a smith named Sergius Turrianus will appear in the basement, saying Thedret and him go “way back” and he said there was need of a smith. There isn’t actually, as all the Relics are repaired for free when put on the display dummy in the priory undercroft and NPCs never use smiths, but it’s a nice touch.

To get the Gauntlets of the Crusader you need to go to the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol. Sir Casimir, the ghost who tells you about them, had killed a beggar by striking him while wearing the Gauntlets of the God of Mercy. Because of this, him and his entire lineage was cursed, and the gauntlets fell to the floor. They became unnaturally heavy, and no mortal man could lift them. By going to the chapel in Chorrol, a priest there tells you that an ancestor of Sir Casimir, Kellan, came to the chapel to see if his curse could be lifted. The curse makes the bearer constantly weary. By talking to Kellen, you learn that he suspects the priest you talked to (Areldur) knows how to lift the curse. Areldur admits that he could lift the curse, but it would mean taking it on himself. You need to do it, so pray at the altar to receive the ‘Lay Hands’ lesser power. Use it on Kellen and he will start running around, thanking you. For the rest of the game he will run from city to city. Now you can lift the gauntlets, but your fatigue has been badly damaged. The Gauntlets fortify your restoration skill, and help you resist disease. They also add the ‘Merciful Touch’ spell, which allows you to heal others at a stupidly low magicka cost. Areldur will wander off to rethink his calling, and will eventually show up at the priory wanting to become a Knight.

Once you’ve completed all four of the ghosts’ quests, a squire named Lathon will show up at the priory. You may have met Lathon and Sir Roderic of Wayrest while on your pilgrimage, as Sir Roderic also wanted to become a Crusader. But it seems when Roderic finished his pilgrimage, he recieved a terrible vision from Sir Berich. Sir Berich was once a Knight of the Nine, but was corrupted by the War of the Red Diamond and killed Sir Caius with the Sword of the Crusader. Sir Caius admits that it was he who first drew his sword, however. Anyway, Sir Roderic became convinced he had to free Sir Berich from evil. He eventually found the tomb of Lord Vlindrel (Sir Berich) in Underpall Cave, which is actually an underground burial site. Inside they recovered the Greaves of the Crusader, but Sir Roderic was slain by the wraith of Lord Vlindrel who wielded the Sword of the Crusader. Lathon ran away with them, and now will give them to you. The Greaves fortify your restoration and destruction magic, and give you the Blessing of the Eight spell, which shields your allies. Lathon also requests to become a Knight of the Nine and wants to accompany you Underpall Cave to avenge Sir Roderic.

Underpall Cave is in the vanilla game, but this mod adds Lord Berich’s tomb to the last zone, and also replaces the necromancer boss at the end with Lord Vlindrel’s ghost during this quest. The dungeon is filled with undead, so the Mace of the Crusader will be useful here. There’s also a vampire in there somewhere, if you’re looking for vampire dust. Sir Lathon usually gets himself killed inside, so it might be smart to leave him outside if you think you can handle it yourself. Once you reach the area with the underground lake, look for Lord Vlindrel. He looks like a Gloom Wraith, but has the same glowing effect as a Nether Lich. Kill it and take the Sword (but don’t equip it, because you’ll get cursed for the rest of the quest). The Sword has been turned to evil, so you need to go to the Chapel of Arkay (it’s creator) in Cheydinhal and reconsecrate it.  When you arrive you’ll find the chapel under attack from Aurorans. Kill them off. It’s too late to save Arkay’s living saint and the last advanced restoration trainer, however. That means that if you ever wanted to get the restoration master training quest you just missed your chance. Activate the altar to reconsecrate the Sword, and then head back to the priory. The Sword does fire damage and drains an enemy’s magicka, and gives you the Crusader’s Arm effect (which fortifies blade this time). When you equip all the Relics, you gain the Holy Aura, Umaril’s Bane and Crusader’s Bane effects.

When you arrive at the priory you’ll meet Sir Thedret, who says that the Prophet is preaching in the chapel. Inside you’ll find your Knights and Brellin (a Bosmer from Silvenar, Valenwood, who worships Akatosh and wants to join the Crusade) listening to the Prophet. Talk to the Prophet, who will congratulate you on gathering all the Relics and claim that you are Pelinal Whitestrake reborn. He will then tell you that your quest was pointless because Umaril’s spirit will simply return to Oblivion when killed. However, in Pelinal’s time there were only Eight Divines, because Tiber Septim hadn’t ascended to become Talos yet. The Prophet grants you Talos’ blessing, which will allow you to follow Umaril’s spirit and destroy him once and for all. The Blessing of Talos is a lesser power with zero magicka cost. It drains your speed an agility while fortifying your strength and endurance. It also has a script effect, which only has an effect when following Umaril’s spirit.

The Prophet says that Garlas Malatar, an old Ayleid ruin, is Umaril’s stronghold. Your knights set off at once, and if they survive the journey there will be waiting outside the ruin for you. A lot of the knights may die inside, and if they do they will be replaced with generic, unnamed ‘Knights of the Nine’ at the end of the questline. When you launch the attack, Aurorans will come out of the ruin to attack. Be careful when attacking them, because it’s possible to hit one of your knights by mistake when they swarm around them. Inside the ruins you’ll find more Aurorans and some welkynd stones. Your knights will gather around three locked gates. This would be a good time to rest for a while or heal them with magic. Once you’re ready to continue, activate the push block to open the gates. Both paths are filled with Aurorans and whichever path you don’t follow will probably have multiple fatalities. Your knights will rush into the second zone, but feel free to explore a little before you continue.

In the second zone your knights will be trapped behind gates again, so make sure to heal them as there’s a battle ahead. Activate the push block, but ignore the Aurorans as they can’t die in this zone. You need to rush past them and get up to the area with the Dark Orb. This is what’s keeping the Aurorans alive. Activate it to shatter it. This will cause your knights and the attacking Aurorans to disappear. Go back for any loot you missed if you want, and then continue on alone into the third zone. There aren’t many enemies in this area, but at the end of it you’ll find Umaril. He has some nasty shock spells, but should be easy enough to kill. Take the two varla stones and Umaril’s sword and have a look in the boss chest before you cast the Blessing of Talos. Once you do a dense fog will appear and you’ll be transported into the spiritual plane once again (the same place you met Pelinal). Kill Umaril again (it should be easier this time), and you’ll begin falling towards the Imperial City below.

You wake up in the priory undercroft, were you are congratulated by the ghost of Sir Amiel. You might want to turn on subtitles though, because he speaks way too quietly. He says that he and the rest of the ghosts can now depart, but you can activate their tombs for blessings. I always activate Sir Amiel’s tomb because he gives the blessing of Akatosh, which fortifies strength. (Although I don’t know why he has a tomb since his skeleton is in Vanua.) All the ghosts disappear then, except for one. The ghost of Sir Berich thanks you for freeing him from the evil that had corrupted his soul, before following his companions. Upon walking out of the undercroft, Sir Thedret shows up. He says that after the battle they found your body, and thought you had had the same fate as Pelinal. Follow him outside where the rest of the knights had gathered and listen to his speech (but don’t interrupt anything because there are a lot of glitches associated with this). After the celebrations, the knights will resume their usual schedules and the questline is over. You get a shiny new set of armour and the knights can be used as companions. The priory is also fully repaired by now.

Any priests who die during the questline will usually be replaced at the end. However, the replacements for Mars and Ohtesse cannot give you the recommendation needed to get master restoration training. Several books are also added by this plugin, which can be found in chapels or bought from Southern Books in Leyawiin. By starting the pilgrimage you become a Pilgrim of the Nine Divines faction, which allows you into all areas of a chapel and lets you take things from them without stealing. This makes the Thieves Guild quest The Elven Maiden especially easy, as the undercroft guard won’t even attack you. An abandoned fort named Lord Vlindrel’s Tower, located southwest of Chorrol is added by this plugin. It was probably the original site of Sir Berich’s tomb, but now it doesn’t even have a dungeon and serves little purpose ingame.

A mod this size will have its fair share of bugs (the biggest ones for me being the stupid Anvil chapel attack rumours appearing on NPCs which shouldn’t have it and all the new icons being fuzzy unless the graphics are on high) but all are avoidable or unnoticeable so I won’t include them. This plugin adds a lot more hours of play to the game, and not only does it prove that the Nine Divines actually do stuff but it also continues on the story of Pelinal Whitestrake who was only ever mentioned in books before. The Aurorans are cool too, and since infamy has mostly negative effects on gameplay, it’s good to be able to get rid of it. I also like the Prophet, because it seems like he’s an avatar of Talos. Note the similarities between him and Uriel/Martin Septim (both direct descendants of Tiber Septim), the fact that he refers to the gods as the Eight and One (which is old-fashioned) and the way he casually gives you the Blessing of Talos. It wouldn’t be the first time Talos appeared as an avatar, either (Wulf from Morrowind, for example). Overall, I think this questline is fun to play but a bit too dominating on the rest of the game.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

The Prophet in Anvil.

The desecrated chapel in Anvil.

One of the wayshrines to the Nine Divines.

Speaking with the legendary Pelinal Whitestrake in the skies above the Imperial City.

The helm of the Crusader on the altar in Vanua.

Fighting the ghosts of the original Knights of the Nine as they protect the cuirass of the Crusader.

A stained glass window above the priory crypt, depicting the battle between Pelinal Whitestrake and Umaril the Unfeathered.

The gauntlets of the Crusader and their caretaker, Areldur, in the chapel in Chorrol.

The Shrine of Kynareth, located in the heart of the Great Forest.

Sergius Turrianus, a blacksmith invited to the priory by Sir Thedret.

Knights of the Nine training in the priory basement.

The fully-restored Priory of the Nine.

The entrance to Kynareth’s Grotto, location of the boots of the Crusader.

Garlas Malatar, an Ayleid ruin being used as a base by Umaril. Also contains the only respawning Aurorans.

An Auroran, servant of Meridia.

Fighting Umaril for the first time in Garlas Malatar. After you defeat his physical body, you need to follow his spirit before it escapes back to Oblivion, and fight him a second time.

The Crusader’s Relics on display on the armour stand in the priory crypt.

My next post will be a review of the Main Quest in Oblivion. To make sure you keep up-to-date on any new posts, you can follow me on Twitter or get notified by email by subscribing using the widget on the sidebar.

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Oblivion DLC – Fighter’s Stronghold

This post will be about the Fighter’s Stronghold plugin for Oblivion, which adds a player home suited for fighter characters.

When you start the game with the plugin installed, you get a journal update saying you heard a rumour about a siege at Battlehorn Castle. The lord of the castle has been killed, and the defenders are offering the castle itself as a reward for anyone who can help lift the siege. Battlehorn Castle is located at the end of the Black Road, west of the city of Chorrol. When you arrive there you should find four marauders and the besieged defenders battling it out. On the ground you’ll find the corpse of Lord Kelvyn, the previous owner. Once all the marauders have been defeated, talk to one of the remaining men-at-arms. They will present you with Lord Kevlyn’s will, which gives you legal ownership of the castle.

The will explains that Battlehorn Castle was built by remnants of the Knights of the True Horn, who were banished from Hammerfell when they failed to dethrone Baron Shrike of Lainlyn. Their leader, Lord Kain, ordered the Knights to split up into small groups until he called for them to regroup. Lord Kevlyn’s father, Lord Jaren, was part of the group to settle in Cyrodiil. All the others disbanded or passed on, and Lord Jaren came to be the leader of Battlehorn Castle. However, the Knights had fallen on hard times, and many of the furniture had to be sold to pay for castle maintenance. Lord Kelvyn recommends finding Nilphas Omellian, who may hold many of the original items. Of course, you’ll have to pay off the debts to get them back.

Without the upgrades, the castle is fairly bare. There are very few inhabitants: two men-at-arms to guard the castle, Niels the smith (he lives in a hut in the courtyard) who can repair your gear, and the smith’s pet wolf, Hjalti. There’s an altar to Julianos in the great hall, a dusty old hunting trophy (a stuffed black bear) in the east wing, a vat in the cellar containing 20 bottles of mead, a bed in the private quarters and a few hidden secrets (which I’ll talk about later). Nilphas can be found at The Merchants Inn in the Imperial City Market District. The upgrades you can buy from him are:

  • A wine cellar upgrade. This adds wine racks, a second vat (with 20 bottles of cheap wine in it) and many smaller vats (for unique wine) to the cellar. It also hires a vintner named Talan, who is a brother of the famous winemaker Tamika of Skingrad. Given the right ingredients, he can make unique wines added by the plugin. These appear in the seven small vats (one for each new wine). Talan will also restock the two large vats with mead and cheap wine.
  • A bedroom upgrade. This adds a larger bed, some much-needed furniture and a personal maid to your private quarters. The maid, Rona Benanius, can serve you any drinks the wine cellar has in stock, as well as cheese, grapes, sweetrolls, Shepard’s Pie, strawberies and mutton. She also sometimes knocks over items you have on display, and will take a weapon to defend herself with if attacked. She can be told to follow the player.
  • A kitchen area upgrade, which adds some cupboards, tables and a dead deer to a room in the basement. It also hires Plautis Rusonius, a cook who used to work at the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. He can provide you with the same stuff as your maid.
  • A library upgrade, which adds a large amount of books to your private quarters.
  • trophy room upgrade. It hires Melisi Daren, a taxidermist, and transforms an empty room in the east wing into a taxidermy area. By giving her pelts or ingredients collected from dead enemies, she can create replicas and will put them on display in the great hall. She can create eight stuffed replicas: wolf, (brown) bear, lion, troll, ogre, minotaur, clannfear and daedroth. The daedroth replica is placed on a stand near the entrance, while the rest are in a room behind.
  • A barracks upgrade, which adds two more men-at-arms and a captain called Castellan Athon. The men-at-arms respawn, but if the captain dies you can buy another (nameless) castellan from Nilphas.
  • A training area upgrade. This adds several training dummies and archery targets to a room in the basement. It also hires a sparring partner, Shagrol gro-Uzug. Shagrol was once a famous Arena champion. When sparring, he uses special weapons which cause no damage (good for training block, but won’t help you train light or heavy armour). As he’s marked essential, he won’t die but will simply be knocked unconscious.
  • A dining area upgrade, which turns the crappy benches and ceramics in the east wing into upper-class silverware and fancy tables and chairs.
  • Once you’ve purchased at least one other upgrade, Nilphas will send a letter to Battlehorn Castle. It will be delivered to you by one of your men-at-arms. Nilphas has come into possession of an ancient Dwemer forge, and is wiling to sell it to you – even though by law you need an Imperial charter to trade Dwemer artifacts (although no merchants in either Vvardenfell nor Cyrodiil really care). It will replace the generic forge in the courtyard once purchased, and standing near it will fortify your armourer skill by 15 points. Plus it looks awesome.

Once you’ve bought all the upgrades, a chest will be placed at the end of your bed. Inside you’ll find Lord Kelvyn’s Bulwark, an enchanted shield with the emblem of the Knights of the True Horn displayed on it (the same as the shields your men-at-arms have). But it doesn’t end there. Like all castles, Battlehorn has a few secret passages. One can be found by using the door at the back of the wine cellar. It will lead to a small, closed-off room. If you look carefully however, you will see a movable pillar on the wall. The wall will slide down and you’ll find yourself in the great hall. A second movable pillar can be found in your private quarters, which will reveal a secret storage room. Inside you’ll find the journal of Lord Jaren, Kelvyn’s father.

It tells of how, when only himself and his friend Garridan were in the castle, Lord Kain arrive. He was accompanied by Arielle Jurard – not the friendly battlemage from a Mages Guild quest, however. This Arielle was a necromancer. Lord Kain had trouble speaking and moved like an old man, and left a bad smell behind. Arielle explained that Lord Kain had died in battle shortly after the Knights split, but she had raised him again and planned to use him as an undead puppet once Baron Shrike was defeated. Lord Jaren was appalled, and he and Garridan sealed them into the ‘grotto’. He had planned to tell his son Kelvyn about it one day, but as explained in Lord Kelvyn’s will his father had a premature death and obviously never got around to it.

The journal hints that the entrance to the grotto was once in the training room. Behind the archery target you’ll find an unlit candelabra. Pulling it will open up a secret tunnel which leads down into the grotto. Inside you’ll find a skeleton and a nether lich. Arielle somehow transformed herself into a lich, and according to a scrap of paper found on her body the skeleton was the remains of Lord Kain. The resurrection hadn’t worked properly and his flesh had decomposed, but he still remained “alive”. Lord Kain holds two unique items: the Dragonsword of Lainlyn, an enchanted longsword which gives the player a special fire spell when equipped, and Lord Kain’s Shield, another enchanted shield of the True Horn, which gives off 10 feet of light. You can also find three varla stones and a loot chest in the grotto.

This plugin is my favourite player house. It adds a lot of unique items and has some interesting upgrades. Plus, you get your own castle. I also really enjoyed the references to The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Baron Shrike, Lord Kain, Lainlyn and the Knights of the True Horn all appear in Daggerfall. Baron Shrike was the leader of the Host of the Horn, the official military force in Lainlyn, Hammerfell. Lord Kain was his brother, but Shrike was a ruthless leader and Kain formed the Knights of the True Horn to dethrone him. This mod continues the story, and even though I never played much of Daggerfall I enjoyed reading about the lore. The altar to Julianos is also a nice touch, as Julianos is the main deity of Lainlyn.

The knight who helped Lord Jaren seal up the grotto, Garridan, can be met during the miscellaneous quest ‘Tears of the Savior’. He is frozen in a block of ice, and the quest is to collect his frozen tears which have been transformed into crystals. More can be learned from the ingame book Knightfall, which is written by a ‘Jaren Aethelweald’. The taxidermist you hire comes with a recommendation from her previous employer, a man named Baenlin. In a Dark Brotherhood quest you have to kill Baenlin by dropping a mounted minotaur head on him (which was probably made by Milisi). These easter eggs really make the mod more fun. However, this plugin was also the hardest to obtain, as it doesn’t come with any retail disc and the Bethesda online store doesn’t accept PayPal. >.> Buying Oblivion off Steam is probably the easiest way to get it, as well as the rest of the DLC and the Shivering Isles expansion pack.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Battlehorn Castle exterior.

A man-at-arms.

A few of the stuffed replicas on display.

The wine cellar. Talan is hiding in the corner drinking all the expensive stuff, but you can’t see him from this angle.

The Dwemer forge. To be honest I think they just used the textures from Morrowind.

The secret grotto.

Nilphas Omellian, open for business.

Lord Kelvyn’s Chest. If he had worn his magical shield into battle maybe he wouldn’t have died. “But it would get all dented!” 🙄

My next post will be about the Knights of the Nine DLC (but it might take a while as this is the largest official plugin, and I’m back to school). To make sure you keep up-to-date on any new posts, you can follow me on Twitter or get notified by email by subscribing using the widget on the sidebar.

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Oblivion DLC – Spell Tomes

This post will be about the Spell Tomes official plugin for Oblivion.

This plugin adds a large amount of new books to the game. These books are called tomes, and opening them will give you the option of learning a spell specific to that book. It’s cheaper than buying them off spell merchants, but the tomes can only be found as random loot. A tome has a 25% chance of replacing a scroll, so you can find them anywhere you would find a scroll: chests in dungeons, mage enemies, etc. The only guaranteed place you can find a tome is on the body of a conjurer who is added by the plugin. He appears outside Fort Cedrian at the start of the game, and tracks down the player until he finds you and attacks. Killing him will yield a random spell tome.

The new tomes not only teach you hundreds of pre-existing spells (such as the Summon Dremora Lord spell, which usually becomes unavailable after a certain point in the Mages Guild questline), they also offer new spells which have some interesting effects. These effects, which were not previously available as spells, include Summon Bear (only available to spriggans), Stunted Magicka (usually only caused by disease or the Atronach birthsign), Sun Damage (an effect normally caused by vampirism), Fortify Skill and Resist Frost/Disease/Poison/Paralysis. A few tomes also teach spells which were only listen in the construction set, and weren’t available in-game.

The idea behind this plugin was to make dungeon diving more beneficial to mage characters. Fighter characters could get new armour and weapons in dungeons, and now mages can get new spells. After learning the spell, you can sell the tome to a merchant for some gold. I think that this mod makes a significant change to the game, and while it isn’t as obvious as a huge tower on top of a mountain it still makes a big difference. Other than the conjurer showing up in the middle of the night and trying to kill me and a slight bug which sometimes gives the player a spell upon loading, this plugin is great.

A spell tome (click to enlarge picture).

The next post will be about the Fighter’s Stronghold DLC. To make sure you keep up-to-date on any new posts, you can follow me on Twitter or get notified by email by subscribing using the widget on the sidebar.

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Oblivion DLC – The Vile Lair

This post will be about The Vile Lair official plugin, which adds a player home suited for a vampire character.

When you load up the game, a ‘bloodstained note’ will be added to your inventory. It’s from a murderous stalker who has been following you. He is dying and wants to leave his home, Deepscorn Hollow, to you. All he asks in return is for you to kill people. Creepy. Deepscorn Hollow is located on a marshy island in Topal Bay. Above ground it looks like a burned-out house sinking into the swamp, but  there’s a hollow tree trunk underwater with a secret door inside it. Entering the door, you’ll end up in a cave-like room. At the water’s edge you’ll find a dead slaughterfish, a pearl and the stalker’s journal.

The stalker, Greywyn, was once a member of the Crimson Scars. It was originally a subsection of the Dark Brotherhood, only for vampires. They had planned to purge the Brotherhood of all non-vampires, but were betrayed and killed or driven away. Greywyn survived, and he retreated to Deepscorn Hollow. He prayed to Sithis (the Dark Brotherhood’s deity), and eventually learns that he has offended Sithis with his vampirism. So he sought the cure, and discovers that Purgeblood Salts are the answer. The journal ends there. Apart from historical information, it reveals the location of another Crimson Scar, a man named Rowley Eardwulf at the Wawnet Inn. He helped Greywyn fix up Deepscorn before, and he’ll sell you the upgrades to the lair.

Without upgrades, the lair has a Font of Renewal, Purgeblood Salt veins, an ‘Unusual Box’ beside the shrine to Sithis which contains a unique Daedric dagger – the ‘Crimson Eviscerator’, a bed, Greywyn’s four caches (sacks which are full of gems, gold and enchanted items), a pair of rare wrist irons, a bucket of gold hanging from the roof in the entrance area (you need an arrow or spell to knock the gold down), and a handy second entrance through a trap door.

The upgrades for this player home are, in my opinion, the best in the game:

  • A bedroom area, which replaces the bed with a unique sleeping coffin and adds a respawning sample of Nirnroot (a rare ingredient needed for a quest, which never respawns normally).
  • A Garden of Venomgrowth underneath the bucket of gold. It’s similar to the alchemy garden in Frostcrag Spire, but it includes only poisonous plants. It also has a unique plant found nowhere else – chokeberry vines. You can harvest chokeberries from the three vines, which are small berries which instantly kill anyone who eats them – including the player. They are similar to poison apples, but aren’t weightless so they can’t be reverse-pickpocketed.
  • A dining area which adds better lighting, a small table of food and a few cupboards.
  • A cattle cell which contains human cattle. The cattle is an unwakable man who can be used for feeding by vampire characters.
  • A Dark Minion, a Dunmer vampire who you can order to murder people and take their treasure. He can fail his task, in which case he won’t bring home any treasure. If he succeeds he places the loot in a chest in his quarters. Either way you get one infamy point. When at home he can be found sleeping, painting with the blood from a decomposing torso, raking the garden of venomgrowth, eating, praying to Sithis and stealing your books.
  • A study area which adds a large collection of books, including five skill books and two unique books added by the plugin (Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum and Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie).
  • A storage area, which adds a lot of chests and crates for storing items. It also adds ‘Greywyn’s Poison Supply’, a chest filled with a large collection of poisons.
  • The ‘Ichor of Sithis’, an item needed to activate the Shrine to Sithis. Once you pour the ichor into the basin, you can pray to Sithis and receive blessings. This shrine is the equivalent to Chapel altars for infamous characters. Good characters won’t get a blessing. Your infamy must exceed your fame for the altar to work. The higher your infamy, the better the blessing, ending at 90+ infamy.

The Font of Renewal adds an easy way to cure yourself of vampirism. Usually you need to do a very long quest to obtain the cure. I like to do the quest anyway, but this cure is much simpler. All you need to do is take some purgeblood salt (an ingredient added by the plugin) from the nearby ‘purgeblood salt veins’, and activate the Shrine of Renewal in the pool below. Simple as that.

Once you’ve purchased all upgrades for Deepscorn Hollow, a cupboard called ‘Greywyn’s Armoire’ will appear in the bedroom area. Inside you’ll find the Raiment of the Crimson Scar, a unique set of Dark Brotherhood shrouded armour.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

The underwater entrance.

The Garden of Venomgrowth.

The Dark Minion.

The coffin bed.

The prisoner.

The Font of Renewal.

Rowley Eardwulf in the Wawnet Inn, scaring off customers with his weird smile.

The Shrine to Sithis. You can see the Dark Minion praying at the bottom.

Greywyn’s Armoire.

The next post will be about the Spell Tomes plugin. To make sure you keep up-to-date on any new posts, you can follow me on Twitter or get notified by email by subscribing using the widget on the sidebar.

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Oblivion DLC – Mehrunes’ Razor

This post will be about the Mehrunes’ Razor official plugin for Oblivion, which adds a large dungeon and a new artifact to the game.

Upon loading you’ll hear a rumour about a lost Ayleid city called Varsa Baalim, where Mehrunes’ Razor is supposedly hidden. Mehrunes’ Razor is an artifact made by the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. You can receive other Prince’s artifacts by finding their shrines and doing tasks for them, but since the Main Quest in Oblivion is stopping Dagon’s evil plan, going to him looking for a quest sounds like a bad idea (plus, you destroy his shrine anyway). This plugin gives the player a way to obtain his artifact, a dagger which has the chance of instantly killing an enemy at random.

According to the rumour, the uncovered entrance to Varsa Baalim can be accessed from an old fort called Sundercliff Watch. A long way from civilisation, this abandoned fort used to be an outpost and iron mine. In fact, it has the largest iron ore deposit in the Valus Mountains (or anywhere else in the game for that matter, as iron ore is added by the plugin). When you enter the fort, you are attacked by some Dunmer mercenaries. According to a journal you find, an army is amassing here, lead by Frathen Drothan. Drothan is a rouge Telvanni (a Great House from Morrowind) wizard. The journal also kindly provides a password to explore further.

After killing the Dunmer defenders, you should find yourself in a small underground village. Locate Drothan’s cabin and read his journal (they should really stop taking notes of their evil plans). Drothan hates the Empire and wants to topple Imperial rule. He thinks the Razor and a giant army will do the job. He obviously hasn’t met the player. The journal also reveals he has sealed himself inside Varsa Baalim to look for the Razor (he had found a Morag Tong assassin and got all paranoid). To open the magical barrier, two bezoars cut from the stomach of an albino guar must be placed on the pedestals nearby. He has entrusted these to the forgemaster and the commander. The commander is right next door, but to get to the forgemaster you have to fight your way through the mines (which is filled with Argonian and Khajiit slaves who want to hit you with rakes) and the forge (where they make armour and weapons for the army out of the iron). Make sure to have a look around Drothan’s cabin, because you’ll find some interesting books and a varla stone, a few iron veins in his ‘basement’, a unique potion and some special scrolls which I’ll talk about later.

Once you have the two bezoars (which look like pearls), remove the barrier and enter Varsa Baalim. The macabre decorations (piles of skulls, red candles, etc.) are never a good sign. After a peaceful stroll through the excavated ruin, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a warzone. If you had read up on the city while in Drothan’s cabin, you would’ve known that Varsa Baalim is full of vampires. And now hostile Dunmer as well. They fight amongst themselves, so the best thing to do would be to hide till only one side remains and finish off the survivors. To get around the ruined city you need to use three small tunnels. Eventually you’ll reach the entrance to the Nefarivigum, the holding place of the Razor.

Inside, you’ll find dead bodies and red light. Descending the steps will lead to a room with a strange mix of Daedric and Ayleid architecture. Drothan is in here. You can kill him, or wait for him to get killed by the Razor’s guardian. You can also read his field journal, which explains what Dagon’s challenge is. The dead guy in the coffin who Drothan was looking at isn’t actually dead. He’s Msirae Faythung, once Dagon’s mortal champion. He failed Dagon, and now eternally guards his artifact. The Razor is behind a locked gate. To open it, you need to pull out Faythung’s still-beating heart and eat it. It will give you four points of infamy and infect you with vampirism and a new disease called ‘Cannibal’s  Prion’, so having a cure disease potion ready will save you a lot of trouble.

Or if you’re gonna rub your ass in Dagon’s face again, you could defy his challenge and just force the gate open (you need a strength of 90+ to do it). Either way Faythung will wake up and attack, but if you’ve taken his heart out he drops dead after a few seconds (so you might as well take it anyway if you’re gonna force the gate and you don’t feel like a fight). Once dead, his body will fade away, and his weapon crumbles to dust of you touch it. Grab the Razor and a secret passage will open, which  leads though a natural cave out into nearby Lake Canulus. Yay.

The Razor isn’t as deadly as it sounds. The ‘instant death’ is based on your luck attribute, and it can be reflected back at you due to a bug. It keeps a tally of the souls you send to Dagon. It’s only other enchantment is a ‘disintegrate armour’ effect. The huge dungeon and the new items make up for it though, and it looks awesome in a display case. The new items include unique enchanted gear off Drothan and the forgemaster, a full set of Morag Tong armour, hoes and rakes which can be used as weapons (courtesy of the slaves), random crap like an empty potion vial, iron ore and the Drothmeri tunic all the mercenaries wear, a new ingredient which gives the player an easy to become a vampire, and lots of new notes and books.

It also adds two new potions, and special scrolls with a new spell effect. Using these ‘Scrolls of Transmutation’ (found in Drothan’s cabin, on his desk and on a hidden shelf behind a fake wall) will transform iron ore nuggets into silver nuggets, silver nuggets into gold nuggets, and gold nuggets into 50 gold coins (one transmutation per scroll).

This plugin contains a lot of fun references to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, such as the Morag Tong assassin (a joinable assassins guild) and his writ of execution, the receipt from ‘Jobasha’s Rare Books’ (a bookshop in Vivec city) and an amusing letter home from one of the forgemaster’s apprentices (his wife is working in a gentleman’s club called ‘Desele’s House of Earthly Delights’, unbeknown to him). If you explore Varsa Baalim, you will also find a dead Drothmeri recruit holding an undelivered letter he wrote when fatally injured.

My only complaint about the plugin is that it isn’t very lore-friendly. It makes out that the Razor has been resting in the Nefarivigum for centuries, but in Morrowind (which is set only a few years before Oblivion) the player retrieves it from an ancestral tomb for Mehrunes Dagon. And the vampires in Varsa Baalim are of all races, instead of Ayleid (or at least Altmer, if the developers weren’t bothered to make a new race). Other than that, I enjoyed it.


Sundercliff Watch.

The underground village.

Varsa Baalim.

The Nefarivigum.

Mehrunes’ Razor. Image taken from the UESP, because all my screenshots turned out terrible.

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The next post will be about The Vile Lair. To make sure you keep up-to-date on any new posts, you can follow me on Twitter or get notified by email by subscribing using the widget on the sidebar.


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Oblivion DLC – Thieves Den

This post will be about the Thieves Den plugin, which adds another player home. But this time instead of being up the side of a mountain, it’s in a cave. By the sea. Under a castle. Oh, and it has a wrecked boat inside too.

When you load up the game you’ll “hear a rumour” (even if you’re at the bottom of Niben Bay or in the middle of fighting trolls in an abandoned mine) about the legendary Dunbarrow Cove being uncovered underneath Castle Anvil. Travelling to Smuggler’s Cave (which is in the vanilla game but doesn’t have anything in it except a skill book and a locked door) will reveal a new passage which leads into Dunbarrow Cove proper. It’s crawling with skeleton pirates (wut?). Kill them all, take their unique cutlasses, and then enter the Captain’s Quarters (which has somehow detached itself from the ship and ended up on a cliff overhanging an underground lagoon). Inside you’ll find Cap’n Dugal. He’s another skeleton with a cutlass. Kill him and read his diaries (he has four).

The skeletons were the remains of Torradan ap Dugal and his crew. You’ll have to read the diaries yourself to find out what happened, but basically they became trapped underground when a cliff collapsed over their ship during a battle with the first count of Anvil. Then they died and turned into walking skeletons. But now that they’re gone, you have a whole cave complex and a ruined ship to yourself. For some reason your character feels the need to live there. You need to visit Dahlia Rackham, a pirate added to a ship in Anvil harbour. She can sell you an upgrade to the captain’s quarters and can hire pirates to live in your new cave and provide you services. You can buy a supplier, a fence (who will buy stolen goods), a security expert (who has a special locked box which will never open, allowing you to train your security skill), a fletcher and a spymaster (who is glitched an likes to randomly attack everyone else). Some of the pirates sell unique items which can only be obtained with this plugin.

Once you hire enough pirates, more will join you for free. When you buy everything, you’ll have three ‘free’ pirates. You can then send them out to plunder. In about a week they’ll return, and place your share of the money in the captain’s quarters. You can do this indefinitely, with no negative consequences. When all the upgrades have been purchased, the key to that locked door in the Smuggler’s Cave will appear in a chest in the captain’s quarters. The door leads into a secret passage in Castle Anvil. Perfect for a thief to make a little money.


Smuggler’s Cave with the new entrance to Dunbarrow Cove.

The fence, Khafiz, along with his pet boar Bacon.

The wrecked ship.

Your quarters.

Dahlia Rackham onboard The Sea Tub Clarabella, a pirate ship which is smuggling sheep.

Zedrick Green, a pirate who joins your crew after purchasing two upgrades.

The chest which contains the Smuggler’s Key and any gold your pirates bring back when plundering.

Secret video footage of what your crew does while you’re away.

The next post will be about the Mehrune’s Razor official plugin. And don’t forget to read my Oblivion, Horse Armour, Orrery and Wizard’s Tower posts as well!


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Oblivion DLC – Wizard’s Tower

This plug-in adds Frostcrag Spire, a home built for a mage character. Located in the snowy Jerall Mountains (a.k.a. the middle of nowhere), this tower has everything a magic-oriented player needs.

Upon loading you recieve – you’ll never guess – a note from a long-lost relative. He decided to build a giant tower up the side of a mountain, but now he’s dead so it’s yours. Inside you’ll find a unique summoning altar (which you can use to create permanent atronach familiars), a large garden which includes many rare plants (perfect for alchemy), the highest viewpoint in Cyrodiil which offers an amazing view if it’s not cloudy (shame it usually is) and transport pads to every Mages Guild Hall in the game as well as the Arcane University.

But that’s all there is. There’s not even a bed. You must buy these upgrades from Aurelinwae, a new merchant added to the Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City Market District. She can sell you a bed, a library, an alchemy lab (which will increase your alchemy skill by 15 points when standing near it) and an upgrade to the vault. The vault is an underground ice cave accessed by a teleport pad in the main room. Once you buy the upgrade it will be filled with many chests, barrels and crates for storing your items in. It also comes with an impressive collection of wine (including the quest-related Shadowbanish Wine), friendly imps called Vault Guardians who protect your treasure, and two hidden tombstones. One of the tombstones gives you a daily blessing which fortifies your personality, mercantile and speechcraft, while the other adds a bottle of Daedric Lava Whiskey to your inventory. This whiskey burns you, heals you, paralyze you and summon a Dremora to fight by your side – all at the same time! However you will only get one bottle, so you might want to think twice about drinking it.

Aurelinwae also sells two boxes of Magetallow candles, which are needed to activate the spellmaking and enchanting altars. Without this plugin, the only way to use these altars is to become a member of the Mages Guild. Once you’ve bought all the upgrades a small jewelery box will appear in the room with the bed. Inside you’ll find the Pentamagic Loop, an enchanted ring.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Frostcrag Spire.


The entrance room, with the main room in the background.

The alchemy lab.

The alchemy garden.

The viewing platform on a clear day.

Vault Guardians in the underground vault.

The jewellery box which contains the Pentamagic Loop.

The next post will be about the Thieves Den official DLC. Remember to read my Oblivion, Horse Armour and Orrery posts as well, if you haven’t already.


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