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Halloween Updates

Halloween is right around the corner. Both Poptropica and AQ Worlds already have some cool Halloween stuff to do.

On Poptropica, they set up a little stall on Main Street. You can get Halloween costumes there.

There’s a witch costume, a mummy costume, a vampire costume and a pumpkin hat.

You can also sign up to receive an e-mail when Nabooti Island is released by clicking this button:

On AQ Worlds, they made a whole new area called Mystcroft. It’s a small village that only appears on ‘Mogloween’.

There’s a vampire queen who sells you rare items. To buy most of them though, you need to help the three witches – Bubble, Toil and Trouble – by completing their quests. There are also lots of new monsters, such as ghosts, man-eating pumpkins, and even a new boss monster – Blister. He has a chainsaw that – if you are lucky – he might drop after you defeat him. That’s not the only free item though; there is also pumpkin armour, a sword made out of vines and a pretty cool cape! (There are probably more, but I haven’t found them yet.) Here are a few pictures:

Mystcroft be here till November the 10th, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, Automattic (the company that owns WordPress) has bought the site ‘PollDaddy’. It’s an awesome site that makes polls. Loads of people use it, including PC World, RTÉ and Fox. Anyway, the guys over at Automattic made a new poll feature for WordPress. So I decided to make my own poll, just to see how it works.

That’s all for now!

October 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm 14 comments

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