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Megapost #1

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. CP won’t remove my infraction so I’m feeling a bit annoyed at the moment.

This is my first ever megapost. A megapost it like loads of posts crammed into one. Since I haven’t been updating, I have a few updates to write about. Here it goes…

Ok, first thing’s first: the new clothing catalog.

There are some cool new items, but a lot of the things are just returning items that I already have from last year.

My favourite new item is probably the diver’s suit.

They also added a new move to the lifeguard suit – you can now swim with it!

Plus, yet again, the Golden Viking Helmet is nowhere to be seen. 👿

Now for the next subject: new mission sneak peek!

Billybob posted this picture on the Official blog (click to enlarge):

It looks like a volcano to me…

A new newspaper also came out.

There’s a small article about the Water Party on pages A2 & A3.

There’s an advertisement for the PSA on pages A4 & A5, containing a secret message. Click the word “secret” to bring it up. It translates:

“Now more than ever we need well trained agents on alert.

Your assignment until further notice is to help train new agents. Coach them on keeping Club Penguin safe and helping other penguins.

Be ready for anything. I know I can count on you.


After you close it, a paper shredder appears and destroys the note.

On pages A7 & A8 there’s an ad for the new play at the stage.

This week’s tour article was actually pretty good. Apart from the final paragraph… it was kinda weird.

There’s a CPIP secret in the summer sneak peek on pages B5 + B6. Put your mouse over the propeller hat doodle to see a bubble about Penguin Mail appear. There’s also a picture of Penguin Mail behind all the others (drag them away to see it).

Aunt Artic talks about the Treetop Fort & pins on pages B7, B8 & B9.

I’m not even gonna talk about the user-written articles they’re so bad this week.

This week’s puzzle is one of those ones where you have to make a picture (whatever they’re called).

The Events page has been re-designed. I like the new style, but it’s a bit big…

This week’s comic is pretty good. You can see it for yourself on pages C7 + C8.

There’s a new play at the Stage too. It’s called ‘The Penguins That Time Forgot’.

There are some cool clothes in the new Stage catalog.


I like the unibrow. 😆

The Water Party ’08 has started!

Some of my favourite things from last year are back.

Water Balloons

Swimming pool in Ice Rink

That giant bucket

There is also a cool new attraction underground. It teaches new penguins how the Cave & Mine flooded almost a year ago. Here is a list of old posts from back then with more information:

Water Balloons!

Broken Window

Clothing Catalog

Water Party!

Underground Opened

Anyway, here are some pictures of the stuff underground:

The weird thing is, in the movie it shows a penguin using the new laugh emote, a.k.a. the “scary emote”, that replaced the old laugh emote. (Click here to read a post about it if you can’t remember, weren’t around back then, or frankly have no idea what I’m talking about.) If you remember, that emote was added in October 2007. The original Water Party was in July 2007. That emote wasn’t around back then. I smell something fishy.

There’s a new room too – the Inflatable Whale. To get there just walk over to the big blue thing beside the Ice Berg.

Here’s what you say if you are giving a tour there:

Not only can you throw water bombs, but you can spray people too! (They can’t see it.) Just look for a hose in the corner of the room (it’s in most rooms). Then just drag it around to spray people.

Octi has returned to the Dojo. He’s managed to get a few more holes since last year…

The Forest looks pretty cool too. It’s defiantly one of my favourite rooms.

There’s a big water slide going down Ski Hill.

There are three free items; two returns, one new item.

The Ice Cream Apron is at the Plaza.

The Yellow Ducky is at the Cove.

The Shell Necklace is at the Beach.

The home page has been updated for the Water Party. The Lighthouse is a palm tree & you can see the slide going down Ski Hill.

In other news: The Community section has been updated. They added a featured igloo & a PST clock.

Phew! That took a while to type. Oh no now I have to go spell check it! 😦

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated.

June 14, 2008 at 1:56 pm 49 comments

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