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Poptropica Halloween Event

I wasn’t planning on writing an extra post, but I guess I have to. Poptropica have released a special quest especially for Halloween.


Let me again complain about the ‘Limited Time Only’ idea that Poptropica has adopted.

Ok done.

To get to the Haunted House get into the nearest hot air balloon and click the new button in the lower left corner. You really can’t miss it.


You’ll then get transported to a graveyard. Or, rather, into a graveyard. You rise from a grave when you get there, which is pretty cool, except for the fact that you took a hot air balloon to get there…


Apart from that lapse in realism, it’s an alright quest. Better than most of the advertisement buildings. It’s kind of tricky, so here’s a guide:

  1. Climb to the top of the house, You’ll probably have seen a bat flying around with a key. At the top, it’s pretty easy to catch him and get the key.
  2. The key is used to open a padlock on the cellar entrance, which is to the left of the house. You’re Poptropican chickens out, but click it again to force him inside.
  3. Inside the basement there are a couple of spiders which hit you backwards if you touch off them. Go over to the floating pipes, and connect them all to fix the boiler. Jump on the steam coming out of it to be pushed upwards. Time it right and you’ll be able to grab that bottle of poison on the shelf. What a lovely thing to put in a children’s game…
  4. Go upstairs to where the two knight figures are standing. See the dude with the ice pick? Jump on his head to get it off him.
  5. Go back downstairs to the kitchen and open the fridge. Click on the ice inside to scrape some off with your handy ice pick.
  6. Now go back upstairs to the bedroom. The phone will tell you to make both the clocks on the mantlepiece chime 12 at the same time.
  7. Hover your mouse over one to make it go faster. Get both of them to hit 12 o’clock at the same time to complete the puzzle.
  8. Collect the lantern that falls down the chimney and go into the dining room across the hall. (Watch your head.)
  9. Click on the spider on the ground to frighten the painting a floor below. She’ll drop her broom. Go jump on top of it and fly up  to the dining room again. There’s a hole in the roof leading to the attic.  At the far side of the attic you’ll find a chest with yet another padlock.
  10. Another puzzle. The skull picture on the padlock gets mixed up and you need to fix it. Just remember the order and you’ll have no trouble. If you make a mess of it you can start over with the restart button.
  11. Grab the chalice that comes out and head back down to the cellar. Find a box of kerosene under the stairs and use it to light your lantern.
  12. Go back upstairs to the ground floor, and enter the sitting room. You’ll see a ghost cat. It will tell you to “bring the treasures to where the cherub cries”. The cherub is that crying angel you saw in the graveyard.
  13. Go back outside via the cellar entrance and head back over to the graveyard. To the right of the cherub you’ll see a freshly dug grave. Yes, you have to go into it.
  14. You end up in a musty old tomb. Go talk to the witch. She’ll thank you for bringing them light and the punch for the party. She’ll give you 50 credits to buy…. well, not a whole lot. If you have some leftover credits from another island you might be able to get a costume. I got a sea monster one. :mrgreen:

Congratulations, you’re done! No medal, but the 50 credits is a pretty good reward. Better than stupid logo shirts that disappear, or some Costumizable clothes that eventually get overwritten by quest items or cooler stuff.

Whenever you’re finished Costumizing the guests’ clothes and bouncing the balloons around head back outside. (You can’t drink any of the pirate juice though, because i’s not meant for the “living”.) When you want to go somewhere else head back over to the grave you came out of at the start to bring up the map.


Some pictures:

Talking to a dead cat…
Click to enlarge.

Mingling with the dead at The Ghoul’s Gala.
Click to enlarge.

My other character dressed for Halloween.
Don’t bother clicking, he’s meant to be that small. 😉


The bat with the key.

In other news:

  • I haven’t had this section on a post in ages.
  • What are you doing for Halloween? I’m not going trick-or-treating. (I’ll buy my own damn sweets, thank you very much.) I think I’ll stay at home and watch a scary movie. Any suggestions for what I should watch?
  • …….Hi.

That’s all for now!  I’m hoping to have another post before the end of the week. Also have a look at my Chicken Smoothie Halloween post if you haven’t already.

-legoless 😀

October 26, 2009 at 3:28 pm 16 comments

Halloween Updates

Halloween is right around the corner. Both Poptropica and AQ Worlds already have some cool Halloween stuff to do.

On Poptropica, they set up a little stall on Main Street. You can get Halloween costumes there.

There’s a witch costume, a mummy costume, a vampire costume and a pumpkin hat.

You can also sign up to receive an e-mail when Nabooti Island is released by clicking this button:

On AQ Worlds, they made a whole new area called Mystcroft. It’s a small village that only appears on ‘Mogloween’.

There’s a vampire queen who sells you rare items. To buy most of them though, you need to help the three witches – Bubble, Toil and Trouble – by completing their quests. There are also lots of new monsters, such as ghosts, man-eating pumpkins, and even a new boss monster – Blister. He has a chainsaw that – if you are lucky – he might drop after you defeat him. That’s not the only free item though; there is also pumpkin armour, a sword made out of vines and a pretty cool cape! (There are probably more, but I haven’t found them yet.) Here are a few pictures:

Mystcroft be here till November the 10th, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, Automattic (the company that owns WordPress) has bought the site ‘PollDaddy’. It’s an awesome site that makes polls. Loads of people use it, including PC World, RTÉ and Fox. Anyway, the guys over at Automattic made a new poll feature for WordPress. So I decided to make my own poll, just to see how it works.

That’s all for now!

October 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm 14 comments

Time Tangled Island!

Time Tangled Island (formerly knows as Time Twisted Island, or Time Lapse Island) has been released! Sorry I’m a bit late, but I didn’t have time to post about it last night.

Now, before you jump into this level, I must warn you. I’ve made this mistake & I don’t want others to be as annoyed as me. You cannot complete your map unless you do this.

Before you even try to fix the past, go to the future. To charge up the future machine, go into the lab & go over to the future machine. Now go to the left. No, don’t go up the way you came down. Go down that hidden path. You will find a giant plug you have to push. When you charge it up, go into the future machine.
You have been transported to a smelly wasteland. Yeah, not much to do here… But be grateful, at least now you have a chance of completing your map.
For the unlucky few who have already done the island’s quest, but have not gone to the bad future & still have a blank space on your map, don’t lose hope yet. Nate, an illustrator for Poptropica, believes there is a way to go to the bad future, even if you’ve fixed the past. He didn’t design that part, so he doesn’t know how, but I asked if he could try to find out how.

I used my sister’s first account (for some reason it’s turned into a boy… that’s why she made a new one) to see what the bad future looks like. It’s like I just walked into a bin. Here’s a picture:

Definitely one of my favourite rooms. :mrgreen:

Ok, now you can start it. Or you could finish reading the post…

You decided to stay? 😀

This new island is crazy. It’s definatly one of the best so far.

You can go back in time & help famous people, like Leonardo Da Vince & George Washington. I don’t wanna spoil the surprise, but here’s one of the items you have to give to someone:

There are also some cool puzzles to do too.

You can go to cool places like the peak of Mount Everest, or even Timbuktu Inn (I don’t think the last one is a real place though).

You can use some of Thomas Edison’s inventions in one time period.

The item you need to give to him can be used. You can hear his actual voice, it’s him singing Mary Had A Little Lamb. Read up about it, I find it facinating.

You can ride a bike too. It will help you get the item hidden in that level.

I can’t fit all of this quest into one post. Go check it out for yourself to get the full experience. Actually, I’m re-thinking about the quest guide I might be writing. This quest was way too long… Just comment if you need any help. But try to be as exact as possible. Thanks.

When you complete the past missions, you have to travel to the future to make sure you fixed it. It’s pretty cool.

You have to go to the very top of the city to get to your future home. You have to travel by a bus-type thing & even a hover pad.

Then when you get to your future house, you meet yourself! He gives you that island’s medallion.

I’ll post if I find a way to complete your map if you’ve already fixed the past. I have a feeling Nate was mistaken though… 😦

In other news: Exactly a year ago today, I joined Club Penguin. I’m wearing my original outfit to celebrate. Even though I didn’t look like this back then, this was my original outfit I wore for most of my time as a non-member. I didn’t get any buddy requests (yay) when I was wearing this. It just goes to show what membership can do…

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated! 😉

April 16, 2008 at 6:53 pm 34 comments

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