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Puffle Mania!


Billybob said there was gonna be a surprise on the test servers. It has started now. We’re all green puffles!!! Go on any test server to see for yourself! Also, expect more company, Billybob announced this on the Official Blog, so there’s nothing stopping all of CP coming in now. I guess they just can’t keep a secret. 😉 Here are some pictures:
















I also made a funny picture, if you guys think it’s good enough I’ll put it on the LOL PICS page.


In other news:

At last! I got on the comments section on the CPIP blog!


Remember: Read the post below this too!

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March 28, 2008 at 5:14 pm 15 comments

April Fools Day Party!

The April Fools Day party has started!


It’s one of the best parties I’ve been to, nearly all rooms are decorated! Here are a few of my favourite (click to enlarge):


Even the newspaper is messed up! There are doodles on it like last year, there was a really funny April Fools joke, but they removed it (probably because of all the hatemail), the outline is lime green, Aunt Artic has been replaced by Gary the Gadget Guy, the secrets page it upside-down & there are loads of wacky surprises in it, just like the party!


Edit: I found a picture of the awesome practical joke. Take a look:

The Save the Migrator project is also coming along nicely.


There are two items, Swirly Glasses & the Red Propeller Cap.

The Swirly Glasses are at the Cove:


The Red Propeller Cap is at the Ski Village:


The pin is a crayon. You get it by joining all the dots on the Mine Shack.


At the Dance Lounge, Thin Ice & Astro Barrier have combined to make a strage game called ‘Thinicetrobarrier’! 😆 It’s like Astro Barrier, except your ship is a flaming puffle.




Last, but not least, I’ve decided to quit blogging… April fools!! 😉

That’s all for today! Enjoy the party while it lasts, it will be over soon.

March 28, 2008 at 3:30 pm 8 comments


Sorry I haven’t updated, I’m visiting relatives. I’ll write a post about the new newspaper/migrator update/game review/etc. either tonight or tomorrow. I don’t have the time (or software, I’m on my Aunt’s laptop & she doesn’t do much with it) to do it now.


March 27, 2008 at 2:09 pm 4 comments


This isn’t the best game ever, but I thought I’d write about it anyway. You have to download a special Roblox browser to play.

Name: Roblox

Website: Click here!


  • To move, you can click the spot you want to move to (as long as you don’t have a special move equipped) or you use the directional keys.
  • There are special moves at the bottom of the screen you can use; it depends where you are. Sometimes you can fly, sometimes you can re-spawn (kill yourself), sometimes you can launch rockets, but most of the time it’s the usual ones (delete block, move block, copy block). Oh, did I forget to mention this place is made out of lego? Well, it’s actually made of of roblox, but they are practically the same thing.
  • You can make your own world from scratch, or you can build onto the ready-made house you get when you join. You can also explore other people’s world.
  • You can join the Builder’s Club (it’s like membership), but honestly, don’t waste your money. You get 10 worlds you can build on instead of one, & you get more money per day (so you can buy things quicker).
  • You can make a customised shirt by uploading a picture.
  • You’re able to drive vehicles, but don’t ask me how – I still don’t know. This game is so confusing.

That’s really it…

Clue for tomorrow’s game: I don’t know yet, my e-mail hasn’t arrived. I might have to put tomorrow’s review off. From what I’ve read about, you can make a city… or something like that. You also have a TV for a head!

My thoughts:

This game is very bad, but it’s still only in public alpha. Maybe in time it will become better & less glitchy, & maybe even easier to understand. But right now, it sucks.
Tip: When you are making a customised shirt, don’t upload a picture from Club Penguin; they will give you an infraction or a warning. (They don’t want you advertising the competition I presume.)


March 24, 2008 at 1:57 pm 63 comments

Bin Weevils

This game is advertised on the channel ‘Nickelodeon’ & it has 1 server, no moderators (that I know of) & no report button. The server can be very full at times, & sometimes you see weevils doing sick things. But those are about the only bad things. Right now you must be thinking ‘Who would join a game like that?’. If you are, keep reading. If you’re not, keep reading. If you are a three-headed alien with purple jeans, don’t read any further.

Name: Bin Weevils

Website: Click here!


  • To move, click on the spot you want to move your customised weevil. You can also do things like jump, or wave, or sit, or nod. You can also combine these moves by pressing the buttons at around the same time (like wave left + wave right + jump to do a waving jump), & you can also do most of these moves while walking.
  • To talk you type into the chat box & press enter. In your nest you cannot talk. You can also make your weevil do a few facial expressions, like shock, happiness, or even sticking out your tongue!
  • You have a nest for a house. There are three rooms. You can’t place furniture or flooring/wallpaper in it, all you can do is change it’s colour. There is an announcements board & the top scores of the singleplayer & multiplayer games. The right & left rooms are fully customisable & you can change their colour, put furniture in them & put wallpaper/flooring in them. You can’t invite people to your nest, or go to anyone else’s.
  • There are quite a lot of games to play, but they don’t get you that many mulch (the currency used in the bin, & also the gooey stuff that leaks from everywhere). You can find these games in Kip’s Scrapyard or at Dirt Vally, or scattered around the bin. You can use your mulch to buy furniture/flooring/wallpaper for your nest. You can’t buy clothes.
  • Every week there is a competition called ‘King of the Bin’. The winner is the person who scores the most in each game that week. The winner gets to wear a cool crown for a week & also wins a prize. This weeks prize is an iPod Nano.
  • Occasionally, there is a party at Slam’s Party Box. Right now there is an Easter party there.
  • For Easter, every day there is a Golden Egg hidden somewhere on the bin. When you find it, you get 30 mulch! Today it is hidden at Castle Gam.
  • You can also watch videos at Rigg’s Palladium or watch video game trailers at Castle Gam.

Clue for tomorrow’s game: This game is made from blocks, like Lego.

My thoughts:

This game is very good, even though it could be improved. It’s very satisfying to see your nest grow, & it’s fun to hop around the place with the jump move. This game is very addictive.


March 23, 2008 at 1:27 pm 88 comments

Planet Cazmo

I’ve been putting the game reviews off, mostly because of all the hype about ninjas & the Easter Hunt in Club Penguin, but partly because I was just too lazy. 😛 While I was surfing the Internet, I found a cool game I’m gonna do a review on. Also, a friend told me about a game a while ago & I’ve just remembered it now. I’m gonna be writing about it tomorrow. There’s also one last game someone told me about on a comment, it’s not the best game ever, but I think I should write about it too. Anyway, on with the review!

Name: Planet Cazmo

Website: Click here!


  • To control your customised character, click on the spot you want to move to. You can also buy skate boards which make you go slightly faster. There are a certain amount of other things you can do too, like flip, or wave, which cannot be done on a skate board (don’t ask me why).
  • To speak you type into the chat bar & press enter. You can also do emotes. But these aren’t the boring old 🙂 emotes, these ones are animated! To speak to NPCs (non-playing characters) click them & choose the sentences that appear above the head. Not all NPCs can be spoken to.
  • To get coins you can play games or shake money trees (you know if it’s a money tree if your mouse pointer turns into a hand icon). Keep shaking the tree until coins fall out. Click the coins to pick them up.
  • Some special games give you a free suit if you get a certain amount of points, like on ‘Ninja Skateboarding’, if you get 35,000 points & reach the finish line you get a Ninja Suit. These suits are non-tradable.
  • To trade things you click the person you want to trade with & click the ‘trade’ button on their player card. As I said above, suits are non-tradable. I don’t really know how this works because I haven’t done it yet & I don’t plan to.
  • You can buy membership, but I haven’t read about it because Planet Cazmo isn’t really the type of game I’d spend money on. I suspect you get more items to purchase.
  • There are two servers, ‘Beatstreet’ & ‘Funkitron’. Funkitron is faster than Beatstreet for some reason.
  • You can play music by clicking the speakers on your chat bar.
  • You can get the free beta item at the Theater. Just talk to the lizard.

Clue for tomorrow’s game: In this game you play as a little bug on a bin.

My thoughts:

This game is a bit too much like Club Penguin. I also think the music is bad, but my sister likes it. She keeps flicking through the songs listening to them for about 5 seconds each. But overall this is a pretty cool game.
Tip: When you’re playing one of the games where you can get a suit, press A + Z when you’re going full speed to get twice the points in the same amount of time, & when you reach the goal, stop trying to get the coins & stop doing the tricks, just focus on not hitting anything & getting to the finish line. 😉


March 22, 2008 at 4:10 pm 41 comments

Easter Egg Hunt Begins!

The Easter Egg Hunt Begins! Here are the locations of the hidden eggs:

  1. The lamp in the Mine (beside the entrance to the Cave).
  2. At the edge of the wooden bridge (I forget what those things are called) beside Hydro Hopper.
  3. In a cage at the Pet Shop.
  4. The cactus on top of the shelf in the Book Room.
  5. The poster of a penguin in formal wear in the Gift Shop.
  6. The egg-shaped light on the outside of the Stage.
  7. In the big box (near the map) in the Lodge Attic.
  8. In the Dojo On the wall. It reappears & disappears very quickly, but if you watch the pattern it will be simple.

The prize is a Mint Green Bunny Ears Hood.

I might post a video later. I have a great song for it. 😀


March 21, 2008 at 8:43 am 13 comments

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