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While surfing the net looking for things to do now that CP’s down for most of the day, I found a thing called Bubs.

Bubs is this alien that mimics everything he sees. When he mimicked everything on his home planet, he flies to Earth to find more things to mimic. Then he meets a guy called Nick & they become friends. Nick points out objects & Bubs mimics them.

What actually happened was a guy called Nick was in math class doodling on a worksheet. He drew a fat thing with an antenna on it’s head. He asked his girlfriend Laura what he should call it & she suggested ‘Bubs’ & the name stuck.

Here’s the doodle:

He then created a website for Bubs & made a story to go with him. He also created loads of different pictures of Bubs mimicking something. You’re able to put them on your site by copying the HTML under the Bubs of your choice.

Here’s the Bubs I adopted:

I put him on my sidebar, with my useless blob & other things that I don’t have anywhere else to put.

I adopted the original, but there are loads more you can adopt for your site. There’s everything from the Simpsons to Halo 2. You can also suggest other things for Bubs to mimic, but it costs money, so I wouldn’t do it unless you really want a certain Bubs. 🙄
There’s all this & more on the website. Click here to go to it.
(Don’t forget to read the post below this too!)

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Club Penguin Downtime

Club Penguin is down right now. It’ll be back up in a few hours. Some links work, but not a lot.

This message appears when you try to go to most of the site.
The picture in the sneak peek of the new website makes CP look so small…

You can still listen to music though! Well, some of it… like the April Fools Music.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated. 😉

April 14, 2008 at 6:54 am 5 comments

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